Baby Sam update.


My new grandson, Sam, is three months old now and weighs 15 lbs. He’s doing just fine and is quite a little bruiser. He’s just been through the warmest summer I can remember for ages and seems to be thriving. He is such a welcome addition to the family.

7 thoughts on “Baby Sam update.

    • D-Jan: I am behind with my blog reading owing to such a lot happening here just now. I am hoping to catch up soon. I’m giving up on writing on blogger because of all the anonymous posts I kept getting. It’s so tiresome. I will continue to read and comment over there though πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I think he was Valerie. He eats and sleeps a lot at the moment but when he is awake, he’s such a bright little button. He reminds me of Wayne Rooney, but don’t tell his mum!

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