Date and Banana Cake



Easter Treats – Crispy Crackles

These little cakes are just right for the Easter table and so easy to make. Do have a try!




Cherry and Coconut Cake

If you like cut and come again cakes, this one is for you. It is a delicious cherry cake with the added bonus of some coconut. Delicious!



Beef Stew – a heart-warming beef stew from Oma’s Kitchen



Chicken and Ham Pie

This is a wholesome pie, just right for feeding the family on a cold January day. Tuck in and enjoy!


Bedfordshire Clangers

This is a traditional Bedfordshire dish, ideal for a very cold winter’s day. Click on the link above to get the full recipe.

Bedfordshire Clanger


Traditional Christmas Cake

It’s time to start the Christmas preparations in the cottage and about now (mid November) is just right for making the Christmas cake.  This year I’m making an 8-inch round Christmas cake, which should be just the right size for the family. Click on the link above to find the recipe.

Home-made Tomatoe Soup

This is another Autumn favourite from Oma’s Kitchen. Sometimes when you come in from a shopping trip or back from work late in the afternoon or early evening, you just want something quick to get and nourishing.  This soup can be made at the weekend and eaten through three or four days.


‘This dish had humble beginnings as a poor man’s catchall for leftover meats, fish and sausages and plenty of rice.  Today it is one of the most revered dishes in Louisiana, and both Creole and Cajun cuisines proudly claim it as their own.’ from the book ‘The best of New Orleans’.

Pecan Pie (from the Southern United States)

This is a new recipe for me. While I’m here in the Southern United States, I am tasting and enjoying some new foods. I made this yesterday and it is a big success. I love the texture.  See what you think.

Two ingredients not often used in England are Corn Syrup and Pecan nuts.


Cheese Flan (Quiche)

This is a big favourite in the cottage. It’s very simple to make and always comes out right. Why not have a go?


Traditional Yorkshire Pudding, to be eaten with roast beef.


Date and Banana Cake

This is a cut-and-come-again cake, perfect for slicing. It keeps well and looks good on a plate alongside some other types of cake.


Cheese and Onion Casserole

In my cottage we don’t eat meat every day. This dish is based on cheese as the protein. It is a complete meal containing carbohydrates in the potato, fat in the cheese and the milk and vegetables in the onion. It is very delicious and feeds four hungry people.

English Victoria Sandwich Cake = click on this title to go to the recipe page.

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