A new project for a new year.


When Larry and I were at the Festiwool wool fest recently, I bought some interesting rolags. As you can see from the picture, the rolags are multi-coloured. What you can’t see very well are the sparkly bits running through them. I’ve been spinning them up lately, mixing them in with some of the white Polworth yarn that I spun from an original fleece in the summer. I intend to make this cardigan:

DSCF2112 DSCF2113

which is available as a button-up or zip-up version. I shall make the button-up version this time. I have made a start, knitting the back, up to the armholes, in a purple yarn which I had spun up ready. I don’t have enough of the sparkly rolags to make the whole cardigan.

If you would like to see more of the Festiwool get together, you can click here.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on with the cardigan in a future post.

Enjoy your Sunday.


7 thoughts on “A new project for a new year.

  1. I am excited to see this progress ! It is so much fun to spin up the yarn for a project, finish it and see the work of your hands from beginning to end. Now you just need to get our own sheep so you’re starting from the VERY beginning . 😉 BTW, the Festiwool looks like a gathering I’d love to attend.

    • Yes Kathy, I would love to have my own sheep, but sadly we don’t have room here. However there are a lot of sheep in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales so I don’t have to go far to obtain a fleece.

  2. LOL at KathyB’s comment about haveing sheep – they could go with the chooks you are planning on getting. You’d better watch it or you’ll have the neighbours on your back about smallholdings springing up in residential areas 🙂
    I envy you (yes I know envy is not a good thing) in being able to take something from the sheeps back to putting it on your own back. Have you ever seen those demonstrations at the country shows where you follow the progress from the clip to the wearing?

    • No I haven’t seen the demonstrations Cathy; although I have seen bits of it. I’ve seen a sheep shorn, which was very quick and skilful.
      Regarding the neighbours, I don’t think they’ll mind. After all, one of them had a dog that barked from morning til night until recently!

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