Handspun merino yarn project, completed.

I have now completed the first project of 2015, which is a handspun/handknitted merino yarn jacket. I blogged about it here and have made other things in between but it was really nice to make something completely from scratch.

This is the back detail, which I made in a mixture of the purple and grey yarn. I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

The collar is large, but it lies comfortably on my shoulders and will give extra warmth. I will have to wear a higher collared something or other underneath though or else I’ll get a cold neck come the Autumn onwards!

Here is the pattern I used:

and these are the yarns:

so now I can think about the next project!

6 thoughts on “Handspun merino yarn project, completed.

    • Maybe not yet Gill, but you’re doing really well, I think. You’ve come a long way. This jacket took me a while to do and, as usual, I made a few modifications to the pattern. Keep going with your knitting. It’s a lovely pass time.

  1. The last skein of yarn looks very much like some of the Jacob yarn I have spun up from my sheep.
    You’ve made yourself a lovely sweater / shawl from scratch ! I can’t knit or crochet so I am impressed.

  2. Now don’t take this the wrong way Stella but that turned out really well ( not that it wouldn’t of but you know how some handknits often turn out to have a life of their own lol). The combination of the different colours and colourways blended well with each other. Funny how we all want warm backs as we get older – nothing worse than cold shoulders 🙂

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