Tennessee – University of Tennessee Gardens – Knoxville – September 2012

My regular readers will know that Oma has been uprooted and transplanted into Tennessee for the next few weeks. Incredibly, I have been here for one week already! The other day we went for a very pleasant walk around the University of Tennessee pleasure gardens, which is where I took these photos. Now I need your help because I don’t know what a lot of these tropical plants are called. Please could you tell me if you know?

The first picture, above, shows some very pretty plants, which look like a kind of aloe vera.  Am I right?

The red plant in the next picture reminds me of a coleus.  Am I right or is it something completely different?

I know that the next very pretty pink plant is a Sedum. Anyone know which variety of Sedum. Sedum is known also as an Ice Plant and it is very popular with butterflies and bees.

No prizes for the next pic., which shows some gorgeous water lillies doing their thing in a man-made pond. Just lovely.

How about these yellow beauties?  Anyone know what they are?

Now the cactus. What sort of cactus is it and is the fruit edible?  I’ve seen fruit on this before when I’ve been over but I have no idea if it is edible or what to do with it if it is.

The last picture today shows me admiring a sunflower.  It is full of seeds and the birds were enjoying them.

I have more pictures, but that will do for today.

The last time I went to the University Pleasure Gardens was back in February when almost everything was dormant.  What a difference I saw this week. Lots of colour and vibrant growth and the butterflies were gorgeous.

I hope you’re enjoying your day.

11 thoughts on “Tennessee – University of Tennessee Gardens – Knoxville – September 2012

  1. Well, I don’t know what it is, but I do know that first picture doesn’t have any aloe vera in it. However, the spiky thing on the bench (green, in the middle) looks very much like aloe vera! Nice pictures, Star! I truly enjoyed all the pictures; I’m sorry I don’t know the names of anything else. 🙂

    • Chuckling…it’s a bit like being Alice in Wonderland. I wander round the gardens and I don’t know what anything is. The cacti and succulents on the bench are so pretty aren’t they.

  2. The cactus, at least, I can help with. It’s an Opuntia, but which species I can’t tell; there are a lot of them. Most of them bear red fruit which are edible; they don’t have much flavor – they’re mostly water.

    • Thank you very much Loren. At least if I get stuck in the desert, I’ll know that I can get water from that one. Now that you’ve given me the name, I can Google it and find out some more. Many thanks for your help.

    • Thank you Dianne. On second thoughts I should have stood next to the cactus because the pic with the sunflower could have been taken in England LOL Oh well! I’m still having problems with my coming of age thingy. I am trying to get used to my grey hair but it’s hard. I miss my auburn locks.!
      Your’e right, one week down and five to go!

      • I’m trying to get used to the grey thing as well. I’m only half way there and can still touch it up with dye – but it won’t be long until it’s all grey!

        My month holiday absolutely wizzed by – 3 weeks down and only one to go for me 😦

    • It is so odd to see these plants and not know what they are. I really do feel like Alice in Wonderland. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a white rabbit diving down a hole in the ground whilst looking at his pocket watch!

  3. Beautiful photos… Love Sunflowers and will have to take a few pictures of mine before they die off and get blown down by the winds.. Thank you for sharing.. and lovely to see you enjoying their beauty..
    Sue xx

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