Cleaning the oven

That’s a strange title for a post, you might be thinking, but since it takes up almost 1/3rd of a day, I thought it was worth writing about it.

I cleaned my oven on Tuesday morning. It’s a weekly task! I was brought up in the 1950’s when things were very different, but are they any better now? I doubt it, to be honest. My mum was a stay-at-home mum and naturally I benefited from that.  Now before all you 30 somethings start hollering, I know things are different now, but are they really? I wonder.

If you could, would you stay at home to look after your house and your children? Would you enjoy it or would you be bored?

I brought up my boys in the 1970’s and yes, I stayed at home to do it. I considered it a full-time job. They tell me now that they had a brilliant upbringing and a very happy childhood. I didn’t so perhaps I was making sure that they did. That’s another story.

When the youngest one was five year’s old, I went out to work, part-time. The first thing I bought with my wages was a vacuum cleaner! Are you laughing?

Along with the child rearing, I considered that looking after the house was my responsibility first and foremost. It was up to me to keep it clean and make the meals ready. My husband had different jobs to do. We had one car and it was up to him to take care of that. To this day I have never put petrol in it!

I take a pride in looking after the house and the garden, although I draw the line at grass cutting.

So I clean the oven once a week. That way it stays reasonably clean. I chose a brown oven so it doesn’t show the bits I missed!

On the other hand, it will always be brown, not white. My choice.

It has an eye level grill. I like that for making toast and for keeping the plates warm while I’m cooking. That has to be cleaned too.

I doubt if I’ll even be able to get a cooker with an eye level grill next time I need one!

They are out of fashion nowadays because most people use toasters. I don’t like toasters because they take up too much room on the worktop as I only have a small kitchen.

Cleaning product of choice!

If I could afford it, I would have an expensive Aga and a bigger kitchen to put it in, but I don’t think about that very often.

I like my little old cooker.  I’m used to it and it does what I ask of it.

So how about you? Is this a job you ignore? or one you take pride in?

4 thoughts on “Cleaning the oven

  1. I never use the oven, so why would I clean it? Glad that you do, but my hubby does all our cooking, unless I get an infrequent desire to cook!

  2. I like your oven cooker! And self cleaning is gentler on the integrity of the oven than using the high heat cleaning method. A repairman came to my home once to ‘fix’ my stove’s cooking top. The gas burners nearly started a fire because .. unbeknownst to me if you use the self cleaning oven method it eventually can ‘fry’ the burner’s connections. Said repairman also said that most people don’t use that feature until after the first year of use (on a new stove) .. and that’s when the warranty runs out. The high heat cleaning can really cause damage …

    • Well I never knew that about the self-cleaning feature. I consider it my job and my responsibility to keep the oven clean and hygienic since we eat food that comes out of there. My cooker is very basic. There are two reasons for that. One is I don’t like gadgets too much because they are always going wrong and the other is that I’ve never been able to afford an expensive cooker, nor do I have the room for it. I do know my cooker very well though so I can get some good results out of it. Not many people were interested in my post about cleaning the oven. I can understand why but it’s a shame, I think, that people these days are not more interested in the simple things of life.

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