My grandson Dylan – update

This is my grandson Dylan, eating his tea at my cottage yesterday.  I introduced you to him last week here. He is 18 months old now and a typical mischievous child for his age. He’s curious and likes to know what everything is or does. He’s like a sponge, soaking up information from all around him.

Every week something delightful happens when he comes to visit. Yesterday I took him shopping and for a change from yoghurt, I bought him four chocolate puddings.  He likes to eat those himself and does really well with his spoon. At lunch-time we had fish fingers with chips and sweetcorn and tomato ketchup (he loves that) and he had his chocolate pudding for dessert.  I wasn’t sure if he would like it, but he did, very much.

Then at tea-time (see above picture) he had sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles in, cheese and Pringles. When he was finished he offered up the dish to me and I thought he’d had enough. I took the dish into the kitchen and came back to remove his bib. Then he got into a strop! ‘bib on’ he roared, which came as a complete surprise to me because he usually wants the bib off, not on. Puzzled I said to him, ‘I thought you’d finished your lunch?’ but he kept shouting, ‘No, pingit, pingit.’ I didn’t know what he meant and he was frustrated because he couldn’t make his silly Oma understand!

After a bit, I realised he was saying ‘bring it’ not ‘pingit’ and then the penny dropped.  He wanted another chocolate pudding and he wanted his grandad to bring it in. Once we got that sorted, we were ok. Grandad brought the chocolate pudding in and Dylan ate it up beautifully.  However…. when he’d finished he wanted another one! Now that was asking too much. I didn’t want him to be sick and he really had had enough so I said ‘No’, firmly and removed the bib again. You can guess what happened next.

The moment soon passed and peace returned to the room. The event went into my memory bank to cogitate on later and he was collected by his mum to return home with a full tummy having had a happy day at Oma’s cottage.

You can see a little video of Dylan eating his tea here.

I wonder what will happen next week?

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