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In a field near me – July 2014

photo 2 (1)

Last year an experiment began in a field near me. The experiment is being run by a nearby University and is ongoing. The idea of it is to plant up areas of wild flowers in urban areas to see what effect that has on our wildlife. Before the experiment, the field near me was just grass, cut once a week and available for use by the public who live nearby. The main use of it was for children to play football and for dog owners to exercise their pets. I don’t remember seeing anything else much going on there. I wrote about it in a blog post here.

Now here we are a year later and lots of changes have occurred on the ten plots. Looking at them today I can see many more plants and flowers. A lot of the plants from last year are bi-ennials so only came to flower this summer. Here are the plants which have been planted:

photo 3 (2)

Larry got this picture with his camera-phone and took it whilst on his knees in the field. The original belonged to one of the students who was reluctant to part with it today. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get my own copy, then Larry can take  a better pic. Meanwhile it is good to have because at least the words are clear and we can always to to Wikip… and get a better picture.

The students are handing out survey forms and asking all our neighbours to take a look at the plots and see which ones are most appealing to look at. I can see how important this is because we are all so used to seeing manicured lawns with flat, green grass and nothing much else except the dandelions, daisies and buttercups.

It is so important that we encourage our wildlife to return to our urban spaces that we must learn to find space for them and learn to live with the difference in our environment.

At the moment the plots are slap bang in the middle of the grassy areas but in the longterm I suppose they will be moved to the edges and become part of the landscape.

Save Our Bees


I don’t usually post on campaigns etc. I’m not a militant person, but this one is important. There are problems with our bees not only here in England, but in other parts of the world too. Without bees we are lost, it’s as simple as that. Lots of research has been done and I’m not going into that here, but I wanted to ask you to sign the petition as outlined in the following message from 38 degrees. It is going to be put into No. 10 Downing Street this week and it is asking the government to ban the use of pesticides, which are having a detrimental effect on our wildlife.

There is also a march on Friday, but I can’t go to that. I am looking after my grandson. I will be there in spirit. If you aren’t doing anything on Friday and you feel so inclined, please go for me and for the bees.

38 Degrees Logo
Dear Stella,With just 6 days to go before the big European vote on bee killer pesticides, there’s been some breaking news.

Bulgaria had been lining up alongside the UK to block a ban on these pesticides. But yesterday, after beekeepers from across the nation marched through the capital, Bulgaria’s minister for agriculture, Ivan Stankov, changed his mind. Bulgaria will now vote for a ban. [1]

We need Owen Paterson, our own environment minister, to follow suit.

So, this Friday 38 Degrees is teaming up with a whole host of other organisations to march on parliament and stage our very own March of the Beekeepers. [2]

Can you come along to the demonstration?

38 Degrees members will be meeting at:
10:30am this Friday 26th April
The statue of Churchill in Parliament Square, London.

You don’t have to be a beekeeper! You can come dressed as one, or as a bee or just come as yourself: bring fruit, flowers, friends and big smiles.

We’re joining forces with Avaaz, Buglife, Environmental Justice Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Pesticide Action Network UK, RSPB, and the Soil Association to show the environment minister how important the protection of our bees is to us.

Are you able to come along on Friday? Obviously not everyone will be able to make it. A small group of 38 Degrees members will be delivering the 250,000-strong petition – which includes your signature – direct to Owen Paterson tomorrow. So you will be there in spirit either way. Together we’ll keep up the pressure.

Thanks for being involved,

Megan, Robin, Maddy & the 38 Degrees team

PS: Sharing is caring:
Facebook: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/bees-facebook
Twitter: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/bees-twitter

PPS: Can you make it on Friday, or know others who might be able to? Join and share the event on Facebook:

[1] Novinite: Bulgaria to back EU Moratorium on Bee-Harming Neonicotinoids:
[2] Environmental Justice Foundation: March of the Beekeepers: