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Celebrate Mabon


I love everything about this time of the year when day and night are brought into balance with the Autumnal Equinox. All our endeavours in the garden have come to fruition (hopefully). Some things have done better than others. This year, in my garden, we have had a bumper crop of runner beans and tomatoes. The tomatoes have been slow to ripen, as usual, because the sun has been hiding but indoors, on the window sill, the tomatoes are happy to turn red and we have been enjoying their fruitful taste for a few weeks now.

The blackberries are also ripe and tasty.

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The harvest moon is one of the most splendid things we can ever hope to see, isn’t it. It hangs in the night sky like a great big heavy ball, full of abundance and ready to pop. Who could not wonder at such a spectacle.


I think that at this time of the year we all have an overwhelming urge to thank somebody for all this abundance, but who to thank? God is the obvious choice, but are there many Gods? After all, there are many Saints and we can pray to which ever one we choose depending on our circumstances.  When I took up Wicca as my main religious interest, I took a deeper look at the Gods of old, of whom there are many. Whilst retaining the God I was brought up to worship, I no longer see him/her as the only one. I am drawn to the Goddess Freya, a Norse Goddess who seems to call to me sometimes. Perhaps it is my Viking roots, who knows.

‘Freyja : Sometimes known as Freya or Frea, was the daughter of the sea god Njord in Germanic mythology and sister of Freyr. She was an important fertility goddess and a member of the Vanir, one of the two branches into which the Germanic gods were divided. After a war, the Vanir seem to have been supplanted by the younger Aesir, who were led by odin.  When peace was agreed between the two sides, Njord went with Freyr and Freyja to Asgard, where they lived with the Aesir as a token of friendship.’ taken from The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm.


I think the most important thing about harvest time is that we must share what we have with others less fortunate than ourselves. We mustn’t keep it all but spread it around. Spread the love too. We all need it. Most of us have something in our lives which is giving us trouble. Perhaps if we share the trouble, it will lessen and not be such a burden on our shoulders. I need to take my own advice for even in my idyllic world there is trouble. My eldest son has recently lost his home and finds himself homeless, living on a beach in the south of England and this is giving me a lot of grief. Many times in the past he has returned home to the cottage but it never lasts. He no longer wants to live with his aging parents and we, for our part, need a quieter life now. He cannot find work and he has no proper address. It all seems very hopeless and yet when I look at the fruits of nature, I think that maybe tomorrow or the day after, the fruits of his life will appear and he will be whole again. He has troubles in his mind and these are very hard to cure, if not impossible. The troubles are not visible. If he was missing a leg, people would feel sorry for him, but when there is nothing to see, the help doesn’t come. We all turn away because none of us knows how to cope with it. His situation has done untold damage to the family in general and to those other people who love him too.

So back to Mabon, this time of celebration. A time of stability perhaps and a link to the past when we all lived in smaller communities and it was incumbent on us to help our neighbours. In this day and age many of us don’t even know who are neighbours are.

I refuse to be discouraged in my life and will carry on as if all is well. Perhaps if I do that, I can sow seeds of happiness for the future. In the Wiccan year, we are also coming up to New Year, which starts after Halloween. It is a good time to be thankful and look to the future.

I wish you all a joyous Mabon.


The earth is pregnant.


Gingerbread mum and baby

At this time of year, mother earth is pregnant – ready to burst forth with her bounty. It is the middle of summer and the sun is at his highest, but just as it is at its best, the Sun King is ready to hand over to the Holly King and the wheel of the year is about to turn. The next picture shows my new garden bench, all ready for my husband to sit on it when he gets here in two weeks time. It seems fitting somehow, that he is coming over in the middle of the summer, on a full moon and just as the wheel is about to turn. Behind the seat you can see the bean poles, which the gardener ‘planted’ a few weeks ago. No sign of the beans to come, you may notice. Today the bean plants are beginning to go up the poles and I must take some more photos to show you their progress.  It has been hard going this year. The beans had to be replanted because something below soil level chewed them up. The weather had been cold, wet and windy and really the little plants struggled and finally gave up. In all the years I’ve lived here in the cottage, that has never happened before.

However, all is not lost because runner beans are a cold weather plant and they will soon catch up and be delicious to eat.

The black bucket in the picture, which I forgot to erase, is our glass recycling bucket. We put all our surplus glassware in here and it is collected once a week by the dustbin men.


If my husband is a representative of the Sun King, loving the sun and coming from a very hot place, I am the representative of the Holly King, a product of the north with its cold winds and snow. I have a huge holly tree in my cottage garden. When I planted it, I wasn’t sure why I was drawn to it, but now that it has grown so tall, I realise that I needed it. It was just for me, a representative of all that I am. So I think my husband and I are perfectly balanced, he the sun, me the snow and our best and favourite time of the year is the Autumn, when we seem to come together in perfect unison.

The older I get, the more in touch with my earthly roots I become. Brought up as a Christian, I still maintain my religion, but I lean more and more towards the Wiccan philosophy, which seems to have all the answers to my questions. I don’t have to wonder about the events of long ago – whether or not they are plausible. The wheel of the year and the way that it turns makes perfect sense to me and worshiping the sun and the moon a perfect alternative. I don’t need churches, I just go into the garden and find God and his Goddess there.



I want to wish you a blessed Sunday. Follow your God or Goddess wherever they lead you, but most of all follow your heart.




Lady’s Mantle, Alchemilla Mollis, Sunday in the garden.

‘The botanical name of Lady’s mantle, Alchemilla mollis, means ‘the little alchemist.’  A hardy perennial, it has soft, fuzzy leaves with pleated edges that collect drops of dew, which explains how it earned the folk name of ‘dewdrop’ and ‘dewcup’.  This plant bears gorgeous yellow-green, loose and frothy-looking clusters of flowers in the summer, making it very popular in bridal bouquets and floral designs.

If you gather the dew that collects on the leaves of this herb, add it to spells and potions for a boost.  Or touch a dewdrop to your forehead for a herbal blessing.  Alchemilla Mollis was originally sacred to the Goddess, but as time went on, it became a popular plant in Monastic gardens and later became connected to the Virgin Mary.  This easy-to-grow herb is a wonderful addition to the magickal garden.  Work the flowers and leaves into spells for women’s magick, the earth goddess, healing and turning up the volume on your own herbal spells.  The elemental correspondence for lady’s mantle is water.  The planetary association is Venus. In the language of flowers, this herb signifies the comfort of protection.

Ellen Dugan


When I went into the garden this morning, it had been raining. Raindrops adorned many of the plants and shrubs and dripped from the trees, but the most beautiful were the lady’s mantles.  This year I intend to move some of them to fill up some empty spaces (choke – there aren’t many empty spaces!) but maybe I’ll find a few.

It is midsummer and what better time to work some spells for the good of other people. Alchemilla Mollis is the perfect choice to use at this time of the year.

Who knows,if you look really closely you might even see a fairy taking a shower as the wind disturbs the droplets.