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A Splash of Colour

My Christmas cactus has been blooming its heart out lately.  It’s a bit early but very welcome as we head into the dark days of November.  Last week we put our clocks back in England and I believe it’s this weekend in the U. States?  Winter has arrived.

We don’t make as much of Halloween over here as you folks in America and I was a bit disappointed with what was for sale in the shops when I got back.  I did get a lovely big pumpkin, but most of the rest of it was what I call ‘tat’ so I haven’t bothered. Now that’s over and our next event is Guy Fawkes Night, which is on November 5th.  This is the time when we ‘celebrate’ though goodness knows why! the attempt to blow up parliament in 1605.  You can read more about that here… It’s a big event over here with firework parties up and down the country.  My little cat, Patch will be frightened.  She will follow me around the house for two hours or more while the bangs and whizzes are going on.

Speaking about cats, what do you think of my scruffy cat, ‘Scruff’ see below.  I knitted him from some very furry wool, which I bought in a charity shop a few months ago. It’s Patons Whisper eyelash yarn. That’s a lovely name for it, isn’t it. The little cat even has real whiskers! Guess where I got those from?

Dylan likes his boats.

My little grandson Dylan likes coming to Oma’s house. I have lots of toys for him to play with, most of which I kept from when my own sons were little boys.

He loves the circus train. Here he is playing with the ringmaster, who has a black moustache and a top hat. Dylan likes putting the little people into the suitcase.

Then I noticed that the pattern on my footstool looked like the waves of the sea, so we had lots of fun with his three little boats, making them bob up and down on the waves.

Then I told him that Oma is going on an adventure on a big aeroplane. I suggested that he looked in the sky on Tuesday. If he sees a big aeroplane flying by at about 3 pm, he might see me in the window, waving at him.

I also told him to watch the postman when he comes up the street. He might have a letter from me to him. I showed him what a letter looked like (I had one handy to send to my friend) and that when it came it would have his name on it: MASTER DYLAN S….

I’m going to miss that little boy for a few weeks…