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Strip Patchwork


Yesterday I posted about the scrap patchwork. What I chose to do was the strip or string patchwork, which is the same thing really but a bit more structured. I chose to do that because I had so many bits and pieces left over from the American themed quilt I made for Larry. For those of you who wouldn’t know where to start with this type of patchwork and for those of you who just like watching ‘How to do…’ videos, here is a good one from Missouri Quilts:

I intend to make mine into a table runner but I may just keep going with it till it gets a bit bigger. I’ll post again when I’ve made some progress.




Biennial Quilt Show at Barton le Cley


Last Saturday I went to a biennial patchwork quilt show in a nearby village. Sewing is very much part of cottage life, at least it is in this cottage! and I was pleased to go along and see what other people had done.

The quilts were fantastic as you will see in the following pictures:

No. 2DSCF1434

No. 3DSCF1435


The next one isn’t quite finished, but it is lovely, don’t you think?

No. 4DSCF1436

No. 5DSCF1437


No. 6DSCF1439

No. 7DSCF1440

No. 8DSCF1441

No. 9DSCF1442

No. 10DSCF1443

No. 11DSCF1444

No. 12DSCF1445

No. 13DSCF1446

No. 14DSCF1447

No. 15DSCF1451 No. 16DSCF1452

No. 17DSCF1454

No. 18DSCF1455

No. 19DSCF1456

No. 20DSCF1457

No. 21DSCF1458


No. 22DSCF1460

No. 23DSCF1461

No. 24DSCF1462

No. 25DSCF1463

No. 26DSCF1464

No. 27DSCF1465

and this next one was voted ‘Best in Show’. I think you can see why.  It is fabulous, isn’t it!

No. 28DSCF1466

Larry found an appropriate one: Someone had made a quilt of American flags. Isn’t that neat?

No. 29




I hope you enjoyed your trip round the quilt exhibition with me. Which one did you like best?