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Dylan update – a trip to the park.


Last Friday, before it got really hot, we took Dylan to the park to play football and to see all the exciting things there are for our amusement.  As well as the beautiful areas of grass and trees, there is a Discovery Centre where the children can learn about bees and flowers.

Here he is, walking with his granddad, past the cactus house.


We explored the gardens where there are lots of vegetables and herbs. The smells in there are incredible!

It wasn’t long before we got thirsty and then Dylan saw a sign…


Glad of a sit down, we bought coffee and ice cream and then had a rest before finishing our explorations.


Then one last go on the slide before it was time to leave…


Dylan Update – November 2012

Last week my friend and I took my grandson Dylan to the local park. He likes it there! He especially likes the train.  He’s a good poser isn’t he!

Next he strode off to investigate the climbing apparatus.  There is a special floor in the playground, designed to be a little bouncy – just in case they fall off – God forbid!!! Managed to get his gloves on – finally!

He climbed up the steps quickly, but when he got to the top he didn’t fancy the rope bridge!

Next we went into the museum. I’ve been going in there all of my life.  By coincidence we happened upon toddlers’ hour so Dylan was allowed to do some drawing in one of the exhibition rooms.

He really wanted to find a dinosaur and although we looked and looked, we didn’t find one that day. Maybe next time. Please excuse the photo quality. They were taken on a mobile phone.

We had such a lovely time in the park and in the museum that on the way home in the car ‘we’ fell asleep!

Back at the cottage we had fish fingers and chips for dinner and then watched Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom.