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Clickety Click! My Needles Move Fast These Days…


With the birth of a new grandchild imminent (5 weeks), I’ve been busy knitting. Using the pattern sheet above, I have made three little cardigans and from a previous pattern sheet, a little dress. My daughter-in-law said she was having trouble finding plain cardigans for the baby, so I took matters in hand. Here are the white and the yellow ones…



Notice what a difference the yarn makes! The yarn for the white one was softer and more floppy, whereas the yellow held its shape better. Both will be comfortable, I’m sure.


I bought this pattern book some time ago. It is an Australian Family Circle book. Do any of you have the same one?


I rather like this pattern for a little boy, but I’d better wait and see what sex the baby is before I start because it is quite a complicated pattern by the looks of it.


It’s fun looking forward to a new grandchild and now the better weather is finally arriving, it all seems just right for the birth of a new baby.