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A pretty lace shawl for chilly evenings.


I’ve just completed this lacey shawl for the chilly evenings and I’m pleased with the result. It’s the first time I’ve used Debbie Bliss lace and the colour here is called ‘claret’.


Shawls are ‘big’ in America. I noticed that when I was over there last time. So far in England I don’t see many. Also the lace weight yarn is not so popular here yet. Correct me if you think I’m wrong knitters!

It took me quite a while to get used to the needle sizes and descriptions of yarns used in America and I’m still not as familiar as I should be but since it is best to do a tension square first, it doesn’t really matter, especially in the case of a shawl where the sizing is not crucial.

I used a pattern I’ve had for a long time and can’t remember where I got it. I didn’t use a chart. I’m working on that. Charts seem to be all the rage and I need to get up to speed on those things, particularly for shawls which are not straight forward and have more than one pattern in them. This one was quite a basic pattern and for a change I crocheted round the edge.

Today we are enjoying temperatures of 86 degs F, which is hot to us here in England. I don’t have air conditioning in the cottage so I will be using my fan and hoping it doesn’t start clattering. It seems to have developed a noise lately. Perhaps there is something caught inside it. If not, I might be heading for a new one soon!

Only ten days till I go and fetch hubby from the airport!

Have a great Saturday folks.