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The earth is pregnant.


Gingerbread mum and baby

At this time of year, mother earth is pregnant – ready to burst forth with her bounty. It is the middle of summer and the sun is at his highest, but just as it is at its best, the Sun King is ready to hand over to the Holly King and the wheel of the year is about to turn. The next picture shows my new garden bench, all ready for my husband to sit on it when he gets here in two weeks time. It seems fitting somehow, that he is coming over in the middle of the summer, on a full moon and just as the wheel is about to turn. Behind the seat you can see the bean poles, which the gardener ‘planted’ a few weeks ago. No sign of the beans to come, you may notice. Today the bean plants are beginning to go up the poles and I must take some more photos to show you their progress.  It has been hard going this year. The beans had to be replanted because something below soil level chewed them up. The weather had been cold, wet and windy and really the little plants struggled and finally gave up. In all the years I’ve lived here in the cottage, that has never happened before.

However, all is not lost because runner beans are a cold weather plant and they will soon catch up and be delicious to eat.

The black bucket in the picture, which I forgot to erase, is our glass recycling bucket. We put all our surplus glassware in here and it is collected once a week by the dustbin men.


If my husband is a representative of the Sun King, loving the sun and coming from a very hot place, I am the representative of the Holly King, a product of the north with its cold winds and snow. I have a huge holly tree in my cottage garden. When I planted it, I wasn’t sure why I was drawn to it, but now that it has grown so tall, I realise that I needed it. It was just for me, a representative of all that I am. So I think my husband and I are perfectly balanced, he the sun, me the snow and our best and favourite time of the year is the Autumn, when we seem to come together in perfect unison.

The older I get, the more in touch with my earthly roots I become. Brought up as a Christian, I still maintain my religion, but I lean more and more towards the Wiccan philosophy, which seems to have all the answers to my questions. I don’t have to wonder about the events of long ago – whether or not they are plausible. The wheel of the year and the way that it turns makes perfect sense to me and worshiping the sun and the moon a perfect alternative. I don’t need churches, I just go into the garden and find God and his Goddess there.



I want to wish you a blessed Sunday. Follow your God or Goddess wherever they lead you, but most of all follow your heart.