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What kind of a blogger are you?

What kind of a blogger are you? I saw this on another blog and had a try. If you click here you can play the game too. It’s fun.

I’m still enjoying the search to find my own particular blogging self.  I have so many interests that it’s hard to refine it down to one thing.

Over the years I’ve wondered if I have a multiple personality because I seem to fit into different categories depending on the day! Are you like that?  Of course we are all like it a little bit, but I seem to be like it a lot. With that in mind, I read other people’s blogs and try and discern what defines their personalities.

Part of me wants to be all things to all people and I reach out in different directions, but another part of me is intensely private and won’t let anyone else in!

I have resisted linking my blogs with my Facebook page or my Linked In image, not because I’m worried about the security of it all, although we do have to bear that in mind, but because there are some things I don’t want everyone to know about me.  I don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings and sometimes it is easy to do without even realising it. I want to avoid that if possible.

What we do has an effect on the other people in our lives whether we like it or not. I read in the newspaper recently about a lady who wrote erotic adult fiction. That’s fine, it has a market, especially at the moment with the success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and its sequels. However, when her son found out about his mum, he was very shocked and didn’t know what to think. Should she be sorry? or proud of her success?

So perhaps it is better to keep a few things back.

So what kind of blogger are you? Take the test and find out and please comment on here and let me know.