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Daily Chores – The Washing Up

Most people these days, so it seems, have dishwashers in their houses. Not me. I’ve tried them and they don’t work for me. I prefer to do the washing up myself or even better, with a partner so we can chat over the day’s affairs. It then becomes a social time, a time for fun.

Over the years I’ve tried different ways of getting the job done and this is the way I find the best… always use a clean wash-up sponge every day and wash in hot, soapy water, starting with glasses and glassware. These need to be rinsed.  It is debatable whether or not to rinse everything else.  Personally I think it is a waste of time, except for the glassware, but dh swears by rinsing. Perhaps the soap is different in England.  It certainly seems less sticky to me.  Also, maybe you don’t need to put so much soap in the bowl – that way you don’t need to rinse it off everything all the time.

Once the dishes are washed, they go on the draining board to dry. I like to dry them with a clean tea-towel and I find that the best way is to start with the largest item; dry it, then move on to the next largest and so on down the pile until you get to the knives and forks and spoons.  Somehow the drying up goes much quicker this way. Look at the pictures on here and you’ll see what I mean.

This is my favourite washing up liquid.

Back in 2007, I wrote a ‘Letter from America’ while I was getting used to living there. I repeat it here for those who didn’t read it the first time. I hope it makes you smile!

Letter from America 18

I have never been a fan of dishwashers, other than the human kind!  To me they are a noisy, expensive nuisance, which are difficult to load and unload and, when opened up, they are incredibly good at knocking your shins, which are a tender part of the body.  Since we live in a rented apartment, a dishwasher belongs here.  It comes with the lease.  I wish it didn’t.  I wish it would go away and more cupboard space would replace it.  I wish, I wish, I wish… Sometimes I wish too often and too much, as you will see later…

I managed to get my computer hooked up and working satisfactorily.  It works, so long as every time I reboot it, I first remove the USB connections, all except the mouse.  It doesn’t mind the mouse!  All the others, it spits out with deference and sleeps, refusing to wake!  Next problem I encountered was the anti-virus protection.  I use Norton.  I have an anti-virus Norton programme and a separate programme, dealing with the firewall – also Norton.  Both needed their annual update, which means visiting the Norton website and parting with £28 to get the update.  This I did without too much trouble.  I updated the firewall, but I had second thoughts about the anti-virus software.  Since I last bought some, the programme has become much more complicated.  It was call “Norton Systemworks”, and it took over the whole computer whenever it felt like it and wouldn’t let you have it back until it was good and ready.  I think they must have had a lot of complaints because now we have “Norton 360”, which by rights should be easier on the computer and also on the nerves.  I don’t know what the “360” means.  Perhaps it means “the whole gambit”, or “the whole of your computer and nothing but the whole of your computer!”  Who knows?  Anyway, I didn’t buy either of those.  I just bought the anti-virus part and then spent the whole evening trying to install it…

The computer kept telling me that there was a previous Norton anti-virus programme on there.  Well I knew that, didn’t I?  I put it on there.  Finally, I got it to load and it was working.  So now I am fully covered, in a manner of speaking.

The nasturtiums in the planter pots are getting leafy and I saw some flower buds on them yesterday.  My beans are 4 inches high, but there are no birds nesting in the bird box.  I think they found somewhere better.

So now back to the dishwasher.   When I first got here, I was finding that the utensils I wanted use, were always in the dishwasher, waiting to be washed, and this became a source of annoyance.  We came to an agreement that the dishwasher would be turned on once a day, at bedtime, and that way all my implements would be clean and dry in the morning, just ready for me to use them.  Larry is in charge of it because I don’t want to have anything to do with it!

One night, soon after, I went to bed.  The dishwasher was humming and whirring in the kitchen.  I dropped off to sleep.  Not long after, Larry jumped up.  He could smell burning.

“Must be outside,” I grunted, and turned over. ‘ It turned out to be the label from a jam pot. The label had come off in the dishwasher and then caught fire during the drying process!


This is what happens to silver spoons when they have been through the dishwasher! The spoon in the middle is how it should be.


What do you think?  Are you a convert to dishwashers? or are you a stick-in-the mud like me?