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Britain and the European Union

Last week David Cameron, our Prime Minister, gave a speech about our participation in the European Union. He promised us that within five years there would be a referendum, which would give British people the choice of whether to stay in the European Union or to come out of it. I think that if the referendum happened tomorrow, most people would vote to come out. Am I right? Brits? what do you think?

However, are we, as ordinary people, able to judge the facts correctly? We need to be very careful.

David Cameron made it perfectly clear in his speech that he wants us to stay IN but with a few changes. Whether or not the other countries will agree to those remains to be seen.

You can read more about the speech here.

America’s view point is that we should stay IN, but is that because it would be to their advantage? They want ‘a strong voice in Europe’.

It seems to me that our staying IN would be to everyone else’s advantage, but maybe not to our own.

We did very well before we joined the Union. Wouldn’t it be better to go it alone again, make our own decisions, trade freely and not be restricted in our dealings by the rest of Europe.

I am old enough to remember what it was like before. We seemed to get a lot more butter from New Zealand and other products, which rarely appear on the supermarket shelves today. Nowadays we get lots of French cheese, German that, Spanish sausages but I doubt if they eat much of our produce over there.

While I was in America I couldn’t help but notice that they are very biased towards Ireland. There are lots of Irish products on the shelves, but few English items.

We in Europe are not alike. ¬†Each country is made up of a unique type of people. Our cultures are totally different. I personally doubt if we will ever be ‘one Europe’.

David Cameron’s speech did not go down well with the French but the Germans listened and understood where we were coming from.

Of course, for those people here who want to vote ‘OUT’, it almost guarantees that David Cameron’s party (conservatives) will be re-elected next time because for sure the other side (i.e. labour party) would not hold a referendum and we would definitely be staying in Europe.

People here have become disillusioned with the European Union. When we signed up for it, we signed up for a Common Market, but it has turned out to be a very different thing altogether. Laws are made and we have to comply with them whether we like it or not. People here don’t like being told what to do.

e.g. a lot of our crops have to be churned back into the ground because they don’t conform to European standards. Phooey! Sod that. Personally I don’t care what size or shape my bananas are or whether the cabbage is frilly or not. If it’s edible, I’ll eat it and I don’t need someone in Belgium to tell me I can’t.

I think you can tell where I stand on this issue. How many more people feel like me?

Here is a little poll. If you feel like it, please vote. I’d be interested to know what you think.