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Bathroom refit

The bathroom in the cottage needed a remodelling badly!  Originally, we had two rooms, one for the toilet and the other for the bath and basin. This arrangement worked well when all the boys were at home. At one point there were seven of us sharing these two rooms and it was a race to get in there first when we were all working.

Times have changed! and now there are few of us. So we felt it was time for the refit. It was a hard decision and costly of course. This is what we had before… I liked the tiles and having three colours allowed for a lot of variation in the curtains etc. However, the wall got in the way and restricted the space so we looked into ways of removing it.

Come and share with me the transformation…

First the dividing wall, complete with two radiators, was removed.

The old tiles had to come off the wall and the toilet and basin were removed temporarily.

At this point it became necessary to do all our ablutions downstairs in the kitchen sink. Fortunately there is a toilet downstairs too!

We could still use the bath.

The throne was on the landing…

The ceiling was re-plastered and dimmer lights inserted.

The toilet will be turned around to face the bath.

There will be a shaver socket near the window for both 240v and 110v. We have 240v in England.

The plumbing for the shower was inserted in the wall.

We chose a Japanese theme. The floor tiles are a fairly dark brown.

The wall tiles are a beige colour with a hint of green.

This is the tiling over the bath before the grouting was done.

We bought a hold-all to go in the corner for all the bottles and jars.

This is the radiator, which doubles up as a towel holder. The towels will be lovely and warm and dry in the winter.

New taps in the basin.

This is the shower. We didn’t have a shower before so that will be a luxury.

It’s a corner unit with magnetic doors. It’s going to be such fun!

Last pictures tomorrow. The builder hopes to finish today.

Have a lovely day everyone.