Christmas Cards


We have received some lovely Christmas cards this year. Even now they are still coming, one or two a day. I don’t think the custom is quite so popular as it used to be but in this house at least, they are all most welcome.

The question is, ‘what to do with them?’ I have some pretty hang-ups and I clip my cards onto those. Here is one of them..


I slot the cards in and secure with a paperclip, otherwise they sometimes fall on to the floor. How do you display your cards?

The cards I like best are the ones of the three kings. I’m not sure why but I love those. They are mysterious. It’s all about following a star wherever it leads and having trust and faith that the star will lead us to the right place at the right time and of course in the case of the birth of Jesus, it does. Maybe it’s the anticipation of what will be found at the end of the journey. Christmas is a lot about journeys. So many people are on the move, trying to get to their loved ones at Christmas or just escaping from the place where they usually live. Mary and Joseph were making a very long and arduous journey on a donkey – not the best way to travel when you’re pregnant, is it!

The three kings are on camels, again not a very comfortable way to travel. We in this day and age travel mostly by car or bus or train. Aeroplanes too are buzzing about in the sky. We all pray for good weather so that we can make our journeys safely. We watch the weather forecasts at every opportunity to see if snow is forecast or ice or whatever we dread the most.

For myself, I am not travelling this year. I am staying by my own hearth. Here it is:


You are virtually invited to join me in front of the fire as I and my family prepare to enjoy the Christmas season. As you can see, we have chomped our way through most of the chocolates in the advent calendar already! There are just a few left.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. What a beautiful hearth! I’m so glad to see your warm and comfy place so I can imagine you enjoying yourself there at Christmas. Blessings to you and yours, Oma! 🙂

  2. I hang our Christmas cards on a red raffia type rope and have the rope draped over a door way and down the sides. That way we can see all the cards clearly ( I pin the cards to the rope with clothespins I painted red and white ). Your hearth looks cozy , and like you, we’re staying home at our hearth too.

  3. The cost of postage must have put a lot of people off sending cards this year. The number of e-cards I get is rising!
    I hope you have a very Happy Christmas Oma and very best wishes for the New Year.

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