The Post Office is bulging!


Well, we braved it and went into town today. It was frosty when we got up, but the frost soon cleared and the sun came out.  That always makes you want to move yourself, doesn’t it. I had two more parcels to deliver, but one can’t go yet because I’m not sure where to send it, but the other one was ready and anxious to be off.

The bus was full but not as full as last week but when we got to the Post Office in town, it was pumping. I took a ticket and discovered there were 55 people before me. I’ve never found it that busy before. To start with there wasn’t a seat wherein to wait but soon the queue started getting smaller and I found a seat, which was a relief.  There was also a queue for the self-service where people can send their post using a machine like in the supermarket.  I looked at the clock, 10.25 a.m. I wondered how long it would take for me to get seen to?  There is a machine with an automated voice in there so your number is called out when it’s your turn. It usually works extremely well. All the stations were manned. Then three tellers went off on their coffee break and the queue slowed right down.  One man had a duffle bag with about a 100 parcels in it. OMG I thought, that will take ages. I timed him. It took 15 minutes but stuffed up the queue for the rest of us. All in all it took half an hour before I was seen, but considering the circumstances, I thought that was good and at least I was sitting down.

From there we went to the wool shop. I wanted a pattern for Aran wool because that is how my spinning comes out when I spin with merino. I couldn’t quite reach the pattern book because someone was standing in the way. The next thing I knew, the pattern book was on the floor and all the patterns had fallen out of it. Blow! now I had to put them all back in again. Meanwhile, Larry was choosing his yarn and getting on very well. I eventually put the patterns back in and chose one I liked. I’ll show it to you soon. We went to the till to pay, only to be told that the card machine wasn’t working. A new one was promised some time today but they didn’t know when so could we please pay in cash? We didn’t have enough cash so we had to go downstairs in the Mall and find a cash machine. That done, we returned to the shop to pay for the goods.  It was definitely going to be one of those days!

3 thoughts on “The Post Office is bulging!

  1. Went shopping for one thing and came home with 3, but not what I went after. The line was long but there were lots of cashiers so I got through in about 10 minutes. Bought some wrapping paper, but tape won’t stick to it as it is a foil like paper – looks very pretty but just won’t do for wrapping gifts. The stores will be very crowded from now until Christmas. Merry Christmas to all from Georgia, USA.

  2. Yes it’s getting busy here as well – maybe no queues that long in my PO but enough to make me wonder is it really necessary. I haven’t sent any parcels but did do a double take at the price of overseas mail. when did it go up that much – $2.55 for a card/letter to UK and Canada (which is where all our overseas mail goes, and more than some of the cards cost!). No wonder Aus Post is losing business to the internet.
    Short sightedness on the wool shops part – what they neeeded was a sign explaining about the lack of EFT/credit facilities. Sending people away means they may not come back and will buy elsewhere. Looking forward to seeing your new project.
    Just keep on smiling becasue It will be worse next week I’m sure!

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