Steam Train passes through Leagrave Station

Last week we went to our local railway station for an important event. Dylan and his dad came too. We were going to watch a steam train come through and it did, on time and at speed! Here it is:



At the end you can see Larry ducking to get out of the picture.

Dylan had never seen a steam train live before. Β He wasn’t sure what he was going to see. He asked his dad if it was going to be like Thomas (the tank engine). Isn’t that so sweet? At the event, he was frightened, which is not surprising, after all he has only just turned four. He is used to seeing the electric trains go through but this was something different and it did go very fast.

It was a first for Larry too. He had never seen a real steam engine in action either and he found it very exhilarating.

The last steam engine to pull a passenger train in England was in 1968. It was the Oliver Cromwell and it went from Liverpool to Carlisle. Β Is it really that long ago?

Do you have any memories of travelling on a steam train?



5 thoughts on “Steam Train passes through Leagrave Station

  1. I have never riden on a steam train (at least to my knowledge). But I do have a story about one. I was about 4 years old and we were living in Longview, Texas. My brother and I were attending a pre-school. There was an old rail road track that went right beside the back of the outdoor play yard. One day I sneezed just as the train went by spewing coal dust. The coal dust settled on the sneezing bubbles out of my nose and I had black snot coming out of my nose. I was most distressed (i.e., lots of tears). This sure was a noisy and smelly train. The location of the play yard next to the railroad track probably wouldn’t be allowed in this day and age.
    Best – Hester

    • Yes that’s true Hester. My mum used to say that you hadn’t had a good day out in London if you didn’t come back filthy dirty! However, that aside, there is magic in those steam trains and dreams in the steam and the smoke they make. πŸ˜€

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