Goodbye and thanks for the fish.

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This is my first car purchase, all on my own. It is (was) a Vauxhall Corsa and it’s ten years + with 110,000 miles on the clock. It’s been a brilliant car and if it’s possible to do so, I loved it very much. It did 30+ miles to the gallon and was easy to maintain. Now it’s been sold and will give someone else a few months or maybe a year or two of pleasure.

Goodbye little car. It’s been great knowing you… sob

Am I being overly sentimental? Do you get attached to your cars?


5 thoughts on “Goodbye and thanks for the fish.

  1. Aww .. Saying goodbye to an old car can be sentimental I know Oma.. LOL.. My little Red Rover was a brilliant car until but its faults just got too costly.. SO it had to go… I traded it in.. 🙂 Its still on the road.. as I repaired it well LOL.. but the unreliability of it keep breaking down I lost faith in it.. As I needed to be at my support work on time..

  2. Hello Oma – It’s taken a while, the wearies got to me for a week but I’ve finally made it over to your place.
    I certainly know the ‘pain’ you’ve been going through, in fact 3 years ago I wrote a post as well when my previous 16 yr old car (known from ‘birth’ [new] as Lance ) went to his new home. Unfortunately Lance 2 is nowhere near as memorable as his predecessor :(.
    Do hope you have as much fun with your new one as you did with your little Vauxie

  3. I had a wonderful car many years ago that I was very attached to. My hubby kept reversing it into the water to put the boat in and it got rusty so I had to sell it for scrap. I was so sad! So I know exactly how you feel because we become attached to the things that serve us well 😉

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