Nothing like it!


There is nothing like sitting with your feet up, with a cat on your lap and some comfort knitting, when you’re feeling poorly!

A couple of weeks ago I had the flu jab. So did Larry. Two days later I started feeling feverish with a sore throat. I don’t suppose it was the jab, but who knows? Since then I’ve had mild flu symptoms and felt quite low. I still don’t feel right, but I suppose it will work its way out of my system eventually.

Additionally I’ve been deaf in my left ear. I went twice to the doctor’s to have it syringed but that didn’t work so now I have to go to the hospital for a further procedure. I keep putting oil in my ear and it’s helping a lot but I’m not back to normal yet. The hearing is still dull on the left side. I now have sympathy for those who cannot hear properly permanently, including Larry. I had no idea how awful it was! It’s like living in a world of your own, detached from reality. I can’t even think straight to be honest and I am missing so much. It’s the little things which I miss the most, like hearing the birds singing in the morning. At this time of the year the birds don’t sing much anyway, but when they do, it’s beautiful and I miss it. I love to listen to the radio when I’m in bed or having a rest in the afternoons. Now I can only hear with one ear properly so if I turn over, the world goes quiet.

I discovered that with only one ear working, I can’t cope with more than one noise at once so when I go down in the mornings and put the kettle on to make my tea, I can’t hear the radio for the din the kettle is making.  All very disconcerting.

If someone is in another room and they talk to me, I can’t hear them! That’s annoying for all of us.

I can’t appreciate my music properly. It’s all lop sided.

Perhaps the worst thing is the tinnitus. It’s like standing under a waterfall at times. I hope that goes soon.

I have told myself that I will be more tolerant of deafness in future. It isn’t very nice!!

7 thoughts on “Nothing like it!

  1. I have occasional tinnitus and the hearing in my left ear is much less than in the right. I don’t know why, but I sure do know what you mean when it’s gone completely. I get earwax badly enough that it will stop up my ear. I now clean them out myself with a device I bought from Amazon. I hope it clears up soon for you.

  2. I really hope you’re feeling better soon and the ear is easily repaired. I’ve had the occasional blocked ear and it’s really disconcerting (and frustrating) xxxxx

  3. I hope you’re already feeling better. There is something very healing about a warm cat snuggling you while you lay low and recuperate. Over the years of being the beneficiary of a lot of cat cuddles while I lay on my sofa in misery, I would almost go so far as to say a doctor should hand out prescriptions for ” one cuddly cat : to be cuddled several times a day”.

  4. Having suffered with both tinnitus and loss of hearing due to ear infections I can absolutely sympathise. It is horrible. Thank goodness for catties! I have been poorly too for the past few weeks. So hoping I will be better soon so I can start the Christmas sewing! Take care x

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