What are ‘we’ making this week?


When I was at the recent Fibre East Festival in a village near here, I had a wonderful time looking at all the yarn, fibre, spinning wheels etc., but I felt a bit sorry for Larry because he wasn’t doing anything like it. He came round with me, gallantly and seemed to enjoy it. However, little did I know that he was taking it all in, especially the weaving looms. He was quiet about it while we were there, but when we got home, he went onto Amazon.co.uk and bought a book on weaving. He read the book twice and a week later a beautiful Ashford weaving loom arrived. After that there was no stopping him and already he has made some beautiful things.

Here is the loom:


He has mounted it on an old bookcase so it hangs and when he sits in the chair, he can have it on his lap and weave away comfortably. This was the first thing he made. It’s a beautiful table cloth for a small occasional table. He made it in blue and white and it’s ever so even. He said I could have it as a tea towel, but it’s much too nice so it’s on display.

On top of the cloth is my weekly project. It’s a baby blanket for my new grandchild – due next February! Strictly speaking it’s a step-grandchild because he/she will be born to Larry’s youngest son Brad and his wife Morgan, who live in North Carolina. We are both very excited about the new event to come.

I am working on the border at the moment, as you can see. I’ll show you again when it’s quite finished.


Now back to Larry’s work. The second item he finished is a beautiful scarf, which he made in an all wool ecru. Here it is, all ready for the cold winds to come:


Each item Larry makes, he tests himself to do a little more intricately. In the scarf above, he has introduced a small pattern – two vertical lines down the sides. Lovely isn’t it.

The next item was a scarf in another all wool product. This one he found a bit more troublesome because the yarn was fluffy and hard to manage, but he finished it just the same and I think it looks lovely.


and lastly, because he had quite a bit of the grey yarns left over, he made a chair back for himself, which will no doubt help to keep his neck warm.


While Larry was weaving, I was finishing off a wall hanging, which I started at the beginning of the summer in my Patchwork Club. Here it is:




We can certainly do with some peace in the world at the moment!

What are you working on at the moment?


12 thoughts on “What are ‘we’ making this week?

  1. Those selvedges are amazing for a beginner. He seems to be a natural! And that contraption he made for it is pretty clever too. That must be wonderful how you can now share a love of yarn? Or are you worried he’ll get into your stash, LOL.

  2. My mother would often say to us – being idle is a quick way to death ( or something like that ) and it looks as though Larry is going to hang around for an awful lot longer lol There’ll be no holding him back because it would appear he’s found his niche in the arts and crafts dept.
    BTW – baby shawls in 3 ply are a works made with love – you are certainly more devoted to baby knitting than I ever was or am – or is that age brings patience.

    • Yes but I’m not sure that the young people of today appreciate the shawls as much as we did in our day Cathy. I made a beautiful shawl for my first grandson. It took me months to make, but I was never used.

  3. Items made by hand are now so rarely appreciated, yet each one takes time, patience, and that all important commodity – LOVE.

    Each time I look at, or feel a hand-made object of any material, whether fabric, wood, metal or stone, I get an immediate shiver up my spine just thinking of the hands that made it, and the hands that have held it since it was made; and that could be hundreds of years. Of all our senses, that of touch must be one of the most satisfying.

    • Thank you Maureen. Yes you’re right, hand-made items are special and there is love in the stitches. Today we went shopping to John Lewis in Milton Keynes and hubbie bought more yarn than me. Love is!!?

  4. What beautiful work! I wish I could make things like that. A home-made present is always more touching to the receiver than anything bought in a shop. Great post! 🙂 x

  5. WOW!.. you really have got a little Cottage industry going even if for just your two selves.. Its so nice to find a hobby to sit and do together in the evenings.. I so loved the skill of the weaving. and LOVED your patchwork and your boarder work with your Knitting.. Fabulous.. really enjoyed seeing ALL the items, You both have been very busy.. 🙂

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