Barbecuing in the rain!


Sorry about the quality of the picture. I haven’t mastered my I-phone camera yet!

Larry has been in England over a year now and is still very much enjoying his life here. Here he is barbecuing in the rain. Look how much weight he has lost since he’s been living in England! He is really slim now and looks much better for it. I have been quite strict with him because he admits to eating junk food when he was in America, living on his own. I don’t really know what junk food is. Food is food, right? However, I suppose it is obvious that some foods contain far too much sugar and fat for our health.

Next month we are going to the doctor’s for our annual check-up and it will be interesting to see how Larry’s blood tests come out. For the last few years he has been borderline diabetic and took tablets to readdress that. Here in England, the NHS (National Health Service) does not give preventative treatment for that condition so when L had his blood tests, obviously the results were good because he’d been taking the tablets. However, now he’s had a year without those tablets and only been eating the food I’ve been giving him, I’m keen to find out what the difference will be. Do you take any preventative medicines?

Actually, we have had a lovely summer but over the last week or so it turned cold. Now this week we are going to get a heatwave. Our weather certainly is changeable!


5 thoughts on “Barbecuing in the rain!

  1. Your weather sounds the same as ours: rain and cool followed by a heat wave this weekend. Larry does look good, and I bet his numbers will be great! Losing weight is a good way to get diabetes under control. 🙂

  2. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun – that year has gone by so quickly. Do hope all is still well in the cottage.
    I think a change in diet (less carbs more fruit veg) will probably give a good result – but then the proof will be in the pudding as they say lol
    Do many people BBQ in England now, I thought it was only the way in the colonies lol. What sort of meat was Larry cooking and what salads did you have with it?
    Oh and thanks for popping in recently, I have been lax in replying to comments – some days I do and others seem to pass by without realising it.

    • BBQ is very popular in England now Cathy. On the day in question we had ribeye steaks and Jim had a large lamb chop. All very delicious indeed. We ate them with jacket potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and peas. Mmmm

  3. Gosh a Year already.. how time has flown by.. And hope the tests go well.. Rain on BBQ appointed days usually happens at the Dreamwalker residence too 🙂 haha.. But we have had a good Summer this year.. so can not complain… 🙂

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