Propagating geraniums (pelargoniums) – My baby geraniums.


Here are this years baby geraniums. I usually propagate them in August, so that they have a good month or two to get going before I bring them indoors for the winter.  Once indoors, they will stay on the windowsill until April. It’s a long time and I have to nurture them. It’s worth doing because they will be perfect for the borders next summer.

This year I took slips, two from each colour, red, white, pink and peach. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will all take. I don’t use hormone rooting powder. It really is not necessary for these accommodating little plants. They root very easily; you just have to make sure that you take the cutting properly to avoid die back. (see my previous post, link below).

  I’m still on the look-out for a blue one! No luck yet.

Yesterday and the day before were very rainy here in my part of England and the little pots were up to their necks in water. That’s not a good thing because the roots will rot, so I brought them indoors just for one day to dry them out. I think they appreciated it.

The next step will be to bring in the plants which were last year’s babies and pot them up in larger pots ready to store indoors in a frost free environment (my back room).

If you want to read more about how I do it, you can click here and check out last year’s post, which goes into a bit more detail.


9 thoughts on “Propagating geraniums (pelargoniums) – My baby geraniums.

  1. You certainly have a lot of patience. In an earlier blog you talked about runner beans. I live in the southern part of the USA and i plant white half runners, but have never seen the bean split the way your picture snows. We just snap them.

    • I’d love to see a picture of your white beans Judy? With my runners, the trick is to pick them while they are still young and tender not more than 8 inches long. When they get too long, get tough and stringy. Inside the bean seeds are growing. The bigger the bean seeds get, the tougher the beans. So we pick every day at peak and then I slice them thinly ready for steaming.

    • I like rearing my babies Kathy. Geraniums are about the easiest plants to propagate and that makes it enjoyable, especially when I see how much the new ones cost in the Spring!

  2. We propagated more this Summer too.. and Some Hydrangea cuttings which have been successful too.. this was because we were altering our front garden to extend our driveway and needed to dig out a wonderful Hydrangea .. We have transplanted it but if it doesn’t like its new home we have the cuttings to fall back on.. 🙂

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