Spinning and Knitting Project finished.



The above four yarns were spun by me during the last year.  Question was: what to do with them when they are finished? Answer: find a pattern that you like and adapt it.  Easier said than done.

Then I saw this pattern in an old ‘People’s Friend’ magazine. I thought it would be just right. It was just right for someone short-waisted, like me, and lots of opportunities for using more than one colourway.

My spun-off merino knits up like Aran so knitting with 5mm (u.k. needles) I began.



…and here is the finished result. I’m pleased with it.  It’s not at all itchy and very comfortable to wear.



The colour panel at the back breaks up the vast expanse of lavender yarn and compliments the front panels.


I like the way it sticks out at the front.




Now on to my next project, but first I need to make something with the left-over yarn from this one. Any ideas?




6 thoughts on “Spinning and Knitting Project finished.

    • Thank you Tina. I took a look at Amy King’s cardi. and yes, it is similar isn’t it. It is also shaped like mine, i.e it goes out at the bottom. I think it would be ideal and again, open to variation depending on what yarn one has available. Thanks for that.

  1. The colors compliment your hair & complexion and you’re right, it is perfect being short-waisted. Although I spin and weave the wool from my sheep , I cannot knit or crochet, so I am impressed ! I like too that you created this sweater with left over yarn , win / win !

    • KathyB: thank you. I have recently acquired some raw fleece so now I have a new project. I have washed my first sample,dried and now begin to card. I will post on it here. If you see any mistakes I am making, please chirp up because I am new to it. I didn’t know you didn’t knit or crochet yet do the other preparations. You must learn how to knit. You’d love it.

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