My English Garden in June 2014


These daisies come up every year and sometimes are just a little too prolific, but I like things I can get a lot of so I put up! with the profusion. Can you see the bee on one of the flowers?  Last year it was hover flies and I got stung twice on the arm on two separate occasions. I’m hoping that won’t happen again this year because I’m allergic to stings and bites and suffer miserably.

Here is the hanging basket just outside my back door. The nasturtiums aren’t flowering yet, but they will be soon I think. Just as soon as we get some sunshine.


On Sunday last, Larry cooked a tasty barbecue. We had steak and lamb chops. Next time I fancy doing kebabs of some sort so here he is making an addition to the grill to cook kebabs on. Does anyone have any good recipes for kebabs? I’m new to barbecues and could do with some help please.


Jim’s runner beans are all up, even the ones in the pots. Last year was a disaster to start with and he had to replant the lot. Then in the second coming (so to speak), they did so well that he had the best year for runner beans ever.


Here the ferns and in front the tomatoe plants. To the right is our camellia.


We had lots of beautiful clematis flowers this year. This one is called ‘The President’.


Last year I took care to spread around lots of the white nigella plants. We are rewarded this summer with some lovely specimens.  Common name is ‘Love in a mist’. So romantic, don’t you think?


The sweet williams are just starting to flower.


and we have lots of bright red poppies.



Lots of joy in the garden isn’t there.



9 thoughts on “My English Garden in June 2014

  1. Sorry I can’t help with the kebabs question because my hubby does all the cooking 😉

    I love your garden, but be careful of those stings. My allergy is to flying ants and they can be pretty vicious indeed 😦

  2. Lovely pictures. I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch; my energy was very low for a while, but I think / hope it’s returning at last. I have already given two people (including one of my aunts) copies of Miss Read’s Fairacre novels, so you have made a great impression on a couple of people so far.

    • Lovely to hear from you Loren. You are never out of my thoughts. Didn’t want to pester you though. So glad you are feeling a bit better.
      Wonderful news about the Miss Read books. They are so ‘feel good’ that they cannot fail to please. I love her descriptions of the countryside. Just magic.

  3. Your garden is lovely and growing so well ! My Jim’s beans were a disaster last year and his “second coming” was a no-show ! I especially love your white ‘love-in-the-mist’ .

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