Happy Birthday Rob. My Memoirs – 26th May 2014.


My eldest son is 40 today so A Very Happy Birthday to Rob. The picture above was taken recently when L and I went down to Bristol to meet him.

Here he is in his band when he was 20 year’s old. The band was called ‘Childhood’s End’. They were playing at The Arts Centre in Luton and backing a group called ‘Nothing But Trouble’, which Rob later played in.

The video is a bit long so if you fast forward to the point on the video at 32 mins and you can see him playing a nice guitar piece, which he wrote himself. You have to start the video first, then push the indicator to the 32 min mark.

It’s a bit of a moment when your child turns 40 isn’t it.

Have a great day,


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rob. My Memoirs – 26th May 2014.

  1. a Happy Birthday to him !
    I really liked his guitar piece….
    Have a great day Oma
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • ha ha, yes indeed – in the hospital. Rob was born at 3.15 in the afternoon on the same day as my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday. How’s that for a birthday present!

  2. Happy birthday to your eldest son Oma may he have many more.
    How do you know you are getting older – when your children have ‘significant birthdays’! It hits home even more when they turn 50 lol
    There are shared birthdays in my family – me with my grandfather, a brother and sister born on the same day four years apart.
    Take care

    • You’re right Cathy. I used to feel a lot younger when I was with the other two sons! I was 22 when I had Rob and that was very young by today’s standards. I was 29 when I had the third one.

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