My Patchwork Club


Every Monday afternoon for ‘so many’ sessions, I go to my Patchwork Club.  It is held in a church hall and some of the money collected each week goes towards the church funds. I think it’s a lovely idea, don’t you. It gives the chance for we ladies of a certain age and younger (also one or two men) to come along and chat, make new friends and sew in a nice environment.  It does get a bit noisy sometimes.

We make lots of nice things, which we can use afterwards or give away as presents. During this latest session, the theme has been on ‘scrap patchwork’, which basically means using up all the scraps of fabric that are lurking in your basket, or large cardboard box or whatever. Here is an example of scrap patchwork:


I liked this next one best. I liked the way the stripes gave opportunities for lots of different colour schemes. In this example, half of the square was plain cream coloured calico but for mine I chose the purples and pinks.


I tried to crop the pictures a bit in Picasa, but it wasn’t playing the game so please just look at the centre of the pictures to get the gist of the different arrangements. They are displayed on a large board at the club to give us all inspiration.

The next picture shows scrapping but using bird pictures in the centres of some of the squares. It’s so pretty and such a good use of those little bits and pieces:


The cushion cover in the last pictures is lovely, isn’t it?  The lady who made is is currently away suffering from shingles, poor thing. I hope she gets well soon.


I have made enough squares now for a table runner and this afternoon I am hoping to sew some of them together.


8 thoughts on “My Patchwork Club

  1. I love the one with the bird in the center…please tell me, is that a crazy quilt block, do you know?
    What a lovely way to spend the afternoon…don’t have that here unfortunately. Too bad I can’t pop over there for a bit…please post a picture of your finished runner 🙂

  2. Lovely Oma, what a lovely pastime you have… 🙂 that along with spinning, and knitting, 🙂 Hope you are keeping warm.. we had a sprinkle of the white stuff today.. Thick frost with hail I think which has frozen… But its warming up now..
    Have an enjoyable week.
    Sue xox

  3. Bet there’s lots lof laughing and goggling at your afternoon sessions – do you go by yourslef or has Larry accompanied you? I’m sure he’d go down well there – his ‘crafty’ skills would help him immensely.
    Patchwork (hand sewing) was one of the crafts I did years ago and then lost interest in – shame because at the time I found it peaceful and relaxing.
    Take care

      • If I want to do hand sewing/embroidery these days I enjoy my cross stitch projects which I have shared with others on the blog. Just about to start one for a grandaughter – a brown burmese cat like Kiera and also the ones she has, hopefully I’ll have it finished for Christmas but if not her birthday is the middle of January so it can come out then lol

    • No Larry wouldn’t be able to stand all the noise of women talking all at the same time. I find it hard myself too but I love listening to everyone else talking to each other. I’m the quiet one who sits in the corner! However, you’re right about Larry’s crafting skills. I have more to post about that. He has also done macrame in the past and for Christmas I bought him a couple of marquetry sets.

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