What is life without music?

Music has played a very large part in my life – for pleasure and for work. Since I’ve now upgraded this blog, I can at last share with you my favourite plays.

I want you to enjoy this clip from Estas Tonne. I wonder how many times you will play it over? Once maybe? or perhaps endlessly, like I do.

I am a European and very much keen on passion in music. For me Estas Tonne has it all and I am quite hooked.

See what you think…

5 thoughts on “What is life without music?

  1. Music is the language of the Universe’s soul
    as well as our souls…
    I had heard him several times he is incredible and I shall
    enjoy sitting here drinking my coffee
    listening once again to his magickal music as the night is unfolding in
    the early in between time before dawn as the rain falls
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. I often get irritated by music these days but did enjoy listening to this. I prefer listening to bird song and was upset when birdsong radio went off the air.

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