When should I plant out my geranium (pelargonium) cuttings?


Back last August, I took lots of geranium cuttings.  So what has happened to them since, you may be wondering. Well they are doing just fine thank you. The smallest ones have been on my window sill all winter and now they are bursting to go outside. Since we could still have frosts at night, I am waiting till April to plant them out and meantime I am enjoying the daffodils in the border first. You can see how big the cuttings are in the first picture above.

The rest of the plants, which I had in the back garden last summer, were brought in in October before the first frosts arrived. They have been sunning themselves in the ‘den’ at the back of the cottage all winter. Now they are getting a bit leggy and want to go outside, but first they must be hardened off. I shall be doing that soon.

Geraniums, or to give them their proper name, pelargoniums, are easy to grow and quick to propagate so they are ideal for beginners to gardening and for me because there is such a high success rate. I like to make sure that I get a continuity of colour each year so I take care, when propagating, to get an equal number of red, white, pink and peach plants. Each year it seems that one or other does better than the rest and, of course, I am always on the look out for new colours. I would love to have a blue one, but blue is not the most prolific colour in the plant world.


Like the primrose, the geranium is not particularly attractive to bees for pollinating. The primrose (which I wrote about yesterday) relies on small insects to spread its seeds and the geraniums need a bit of help from me!

This is one of the pink ones, which is longing to get outside. It’s such a delicate colour, isn’t it.



Millie thinks I’m mad, messing about with plants all the time; you can tell from her expression while she is watching me:


So today it is fine and sunny outside and so I may go out and poggle about with the fork! First I have to think about something for dinner?

What are you having for dinner today?


8 thoughts on “When should I plant out my geranium (pelargonium) cuttings?

  1. Your geraniums look lovely! My husband had all of his geraniums in his room and since we had such bitter cold this winter, for the first time ever, they froze…he was devastated!
    A blue geranium? hmmm…have to look into that…you seem to do so well with your flowers…have you tried propagating your own variety?
    Still bitter cold here across the pond…snow expected yet again! take care!

    • I’m sorry it’s still so cold for you vanesseva! Our winter has not been very cold but oh so wet! Lots of flooding in the south-west, but I’m in the south-east so we’ve had the rain, but no flooding to speak of. Yes, the geraniums do very well in the cottage, but they take up a lot of room and round about now they start screaming at me ‘let me out, let me out!’ LOL Oh well, not long now. April beckons.
      I’m sorry your husband lost all his! That’s very sad.
      No I haven’t tried making my own, but that may be something for the future 🙂

    • Well of course I know the answer – when the frosts are over! Over here that could be anytime up to the end of May! The geraniums will even live outside throughout the winter with no frost but at the sign of the first frost, they will die for sure.

  2. Hi Oma, your geraniums look nice and healthy… We have ours still in the garden shed.. I wouldnt plant out until late May.. there is still chance of a frost.. and I feel Winter has not done with us yet.. even though this lovely Sun is making us feel a false sense that Winter’s grip has let go… It has time yet to bite… 🙂 Loved Millie picture too 🙂

    • Yes, there’s always an ‘inning and an outing’ of hardening off going on in the Spring isn’t there! I haven’t been caught out yet but there’s always a first time.

    • Interesting! My red ones are the least hardy and need the most nurturing. Perhaps it is the variety. We’ll see which ones are the strongest this summer. Right now it looks like the pink/white ones.

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