The Humble Primrose


I have just upgraded my blog to Premium because I ran out of space so now I return with some pictures of the lovely primroses and primulas, which have been growing in my cottage garden just lately. The first picture shows the humble primrose, although it is quite spectacular really especially after our wet and miserable winter. The next pictures are primulas, which have been cultivated by the growers from the original primrose into large blooms with brighter colours. I am not showing here today the other two members of the family, namely the Primula veris (the cowslip) or the Primular auricula (the auricula).

‘The Primula genus belongs to the Primulaceae family. In general terms, it is a genus of about 400 species, some of which hybridize very easily. They are deciduous winter-green plants, some of which are only half-hardy. All are perennial and produce flowers (often on long stems, sometimes on short ones) from central rosettes of low basal leaves.


The primrose (the Latin name P. vulgaris means ‘common’; sometimes this species is called P. acaulis, meaning ‘with stem’) is one of the first spring flowers to bloom and is a plant that is found throughout Europe. Β It is a native perennial in Britain, found in woods, grassy areas and hedge banks.’

From Flower Wisdom by Katherine Kear





DSCF1817 DSCF1815

5 thoughts on “The Humble Primrose

  1. one of my favorite flowers!
    Thank you for sharing yours
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. Beautiful flowers, Oma! πŸ˜€

    I didn’t realise you could run out of space on WP – I might have to go through my photos and remove some before I do 😦

    • I used to be on Blogger Dianne and then I ran out of space on there so I hopped over to WordPress. Now I’ve updated to Premium to get more space. It costs 99 dollars (U.S.) per year. I was reluctant to do that but at least I will now be able to share some music with you all and lots more pictures. I like to put a lot of pictures on my blog. I was afraid if I just removed the pictures, then the blog posts would be devoid of them so I didn’t do that. On Blogger I actually deleted a lot of the old posts but people still look for them so that is not the answer really.
      I didn’t trust Google with the updating of Blogger (at the time) because I thought once I started paying for the space, there would be no end to it, but now I have no choice so I have bitten the bullet and we’ll see how it goes.
      You can actually see how much space you have used if you look through the Dashboard. Good luck.

  3. I love your primula collection and I have many of these wonderful colours too in my front garden.. They really do brighten up our Spring! and never fail to add their colour… I split some up last year and replanted out…. I have some cowslips too in bud….
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful blooms Oma.. lovely xxx Sue

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