The Generation Gap


We are continuing with the awful, rainy weather here in England and the cottage garden is getting more than its share of water this Spring. In addition an evil wind has blown in and caused much sorrow to me and my family in the form of a family squabble, which I never expected to be part of. It is partly caused by the generation gap and again I came to realise that my path in life is leading me away from the action and down to the river. I think it must be quite nice to sail away on the tide in a small boat just allowing the current to take you where it will, knowing that you won’t be coming back.

I find myself spending a lot of time day-dreaming these days; remembering back to times gone by – better times in my opinion. My mind takes me back to a time when duty was more important and self-centred thoughts were not allowed.

Perhaps the winds of truth will blow soon from a different direction.


11 thoughts on “The Generation Gap

    • Times have changed and are always changing aren’t they Gill. However, apparently I’m not changing with them. It seems that I am worthless these days and it’s hard to cope with.

  1. Oh dear Oma – my mum would often tell me off for day dreaming. Don’t dream your life away, she’d say, just get on with it!
    Do hope all your family troubles are sorted soon. Of course my mum would also say – a quick clip round the ear or a kick up the bum would sort them out for you. Oh dear she does sound like a tartar doesn’t she lol

    • No I think she was right Cathy! However, these days that doesn’t seem to work anymore. They know it all – or think they do. What they don’t know, they look up on the Internet. Mums and Dads are redundant.

  2. Oma…it sounds like this long winter is getting to us all in one way or another…here across the pond we are being hit again with extreme cold temperatures and snow(winds too) and I notice we are all grumpy in our own ways. Spring is coming…soon. Sometimes getting out of the house into a new environment is just what the doctor ordered. Take care…Eva

    • Hello Vanesseva and thank you for your encouragement. I have been getting out and about as much as the horrid weather allows and yes, it does help, but not in the big picture. It is true the Spring is coming and can only be to the good but for now, nothing seems to help me. I see no way out of my current dilemma and can’t even talk about it for fear of hurting other people.

  3. Quite a worrying post Stella. Just hope things brighten up but as you do not specify the REAL cause of this – understandable of course. A ‘family squabble’ covers a huge area; just wish things work out.
    Kindest regards, Phil

  4. Just had lunch with an old friend today, discussing old times. I mentioned how cross I used to get when my father shook his head about what was happening in the world today, and he’d say “I’ll be glad when I’m out of it.” Looking around, seeing the dreadful reality programmes, the values that seem to exist, my friend and I agreed we can finally see where he was coming from with that view.
    I hope things smooth over soon for you.

  5. It’s not like me to be miserable Phil. However, this dilemma I find myself in is past hope I think and I am at a loss to know where to go from here. I can’t talk about it here, sadly.

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