My English Garden in February – something’s moving!


The weather here in England has been appalling just lately with high winds and flooding across much of the country. However here in the south-east, north of London – just! we’re ok, thank goodness.  The cottage garden is not flooded although a bit water logged. Today is lovely and sunny so I went out and took some photos. The bulbs are peeking through in the tubs and the polyanthus are bravely flowering.


I’ve been in the cottage a lot over the last few weeks and I don’t mind that because I love to read, knit and sew, but today going out was a joy – just for a little while. The first time out gardening always causes stiff muscles – yuck! but a tidy up is in order. Not today though. I’ll wait till it’s a little bit warmer.

Meanwhile I’ll enjoy these gorgeous roses that Larry bought for me for Valentine’s Day. Wasn’t I lucky!


15 thoughts on “My English Garden in February – something’s moving!

  1. Beautiful! My guy bought me tiger lilies, which he always does, they represent us somehow more than roses do. I need to go outside and see what’s coming up around here! Spring is coming, Star! 🙂

  2. Good to see that spring is around the corner. We’re heading back to the UK after wintering in Spain and I can hardly contain myself at the prospect of seeing the bulbs peeking through, polyanthus, primrose, snowdrops….

  3. Spring is on it’s way for you and here now the hot heat has gone the days are more pleasant. Things are changing tho – daylight later, dusk earlier and we are actually going to have some rain this week lol
    I got a cup of tea in bed – does that count as a Valentines gift ??
    Take care

  4. I was thinking of you, each time the evening news showed the flooding and high winds. My mum’s house in the north west, had damage from the winds, but gladly no flooding.
    Isn’t it refreshing to see the flowers beginning to poke through !

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