Millie likes the radio.


Millie is my six year old calico cat. She likes to sit on the window sill and listen to the radio.  Isn’t that cute?

Since the New Year began, we’ve had so much rain and high winds, that it’s been difficult to get out much. I don’t know about you, but I’ve become a bit lazy! I enjoyed Christmas a lot and got used to the routine of eating what I fancied and slouching around watching lovely cosy films on TV. I’m in the fortunate position of not having to go back to work because I’m retired so at long last, I can enjoy life without worrying about that annual return to the workplace. I do miss my jobs, but I love being at home so much that the days just fly by.

I’ve been spinning. This is my latest spinning project: a lovely lavender roving in Merino, which is a delight to spin with and will be fun to knit with later on.

DSCF1744 DSCF1745

Have you got any new aims for 2014? I don’t make resolutions, but I do have aims. This year’s aim is to study the Druids. In my Wiccan world I try to study something different every year so that gradually I get more knowledgeable as the years go by. The Druids have always fascinated me so I look forward to reading more about them and perhaps sharing some of it with you.

I so enjoy blogging with all of you. I’m looking forward to following you through this New Year and trust that it will be a good one for all of you.


15 thoughts on “Millie likes the radio.

  1. Beautiful coloured yarn Oma, And love that Millie is enjoying music.. The weather has been and still is awful.. just glad you not flooded…. I aim to try and do more art this year Oma…. 🙂 Love and Blessings to you xox and glad you are filling your rainy days 🙂 xxx

  2. Millie is adorable, and I like the look of the radio – sort of old-fashioned in color and shape. I tried spinning many years ago, but it seems my brain can’t do it. I couldn’t coordinate the hand and foot motion. I’m not dextrous at all. :<)
    I'm reading a book which I think you'll like called Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music by Rob Young. It is long, and it is scholarly and wonderfully written. I am reading it slowly and just loving it.

    • Thank you for the recommendation Nan. I will put that book on my reading list 🙂 Spinning does take a bit of practice. Luckily I had a good teacher, which helped!

  3. Millie looks very contented…
    she is beautiful….
    I hope you share what you learn about the Druids….I have been thinking of focusing
    more on them lately….
    I am glad the holidays are over…I keep thinking I will get the spirit back for them but so far
    many years have passed….
    my wanderings took me to two quilt blogs ( well more but these two in particular)
    Melanie had just finished an incredible quilt of I think were her favorite things
    I have decided that is my main project to do one in shades of blue of course….I had 2 more fleece blankets that I am crocheting around the edges instead of binding or those fringes….before I start, one is almost done probably tomorrow…its about the only thing I can focus on these days…
    and I have my cross-stitch always beside me…
    BUT I love your spinning yarn!..I that is one of my bucket list items…that and tatting…I like Mary Corbet’s embroidery site (and her facebook one) ( so I am thinking of
    trying my hand at crewel work again..I had done so much in the past….
    okay I have rambled on …sorry…long day….
    I hope y’all are staying warm …
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Thank you for your generous reply maryrose. I loved reading about your aims and thank you too for the blog recommendations. I will check them out. I am currently working on a large quilt for Larry’s bed. It’s an American flavour in the homespun style and it’s just got to the unmanageable stage!

  4. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year Star, and all of your family members!
    Beautiful yarn, the color is so relaxing to look at.
    Millie is so sweet listening to the radio Oliver has times when he watches the TV literally for ten minutes at a time :
    Enjoy your time at home…

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