Jane Austen Knits – Capelet project finished!


Remember this project? Well, it’s now finished and keeping me warm. Here’s another picture from the magazine:


The second picture shows the shoulder joining, which is tied with a pretty ribbon. However, I wasn’t too sure about that ribbon, so on my version, I plaited some of the yarn I had spun previously, like this:


I think it looks a lot more natural.

You can read about how the wool was spun here and then here

So the lacy top is mohair in a gorgeous orange colour, but I crocheted instead of knitted. It’s so warm…

This is the back:


I added a bead feature at the corner:


All in all, I’m very pleased with it 🙂



7 thoughts on “Jane Austen Knits – Capelet project finished!

    • Nobody’s ever told me I look radiant before, Sue. Thank you very much. Thank you also for all your other comments. I’ve read them all. I do feel very blessed at the moment, in my life. I just hope it all lasts a bit longer! Take care. My geraniums are half in and half out at the moment. I really don’t have anywhere to put them all and desperately don’t want to leave them outside…

      • Oma, you have plenty of time to enjoy ALL that life offers you.. And yes this photo just glows of your happiness Radiant is the right word.. Be Happy! and Much love sent your way for your continued contentment
        Hugs Sue 🙂

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