A Patchwork Quilt for Baby Sam


I have just completed this patchwork quilt for baby Sam (my second grandson). It will be for his Christmas present.


It was difficult to find the time to work on it recently, what with all the business at the cottage since the end of July. However, I have finished it and I am quite pleased with it. There is no ‘Jo-annes’ near me so I have to rely on small shops and the internet to get the supplies that I need and I was held up with the finishing of it until my favourite sewing machine got here from America.

The quilt has a jungle theme, which I chose to match with Sam’s bedroom.


I do hope he likes it. He’s a bit young to appreciate it now of couse, but in time he may come to like the pictures and the bright colours.


…and of course, no jungle is complete without an elephant, so the elephant may go with it (if I can bear to part with it).


Meanwhile, the elephant is having a sleep while he waits for Christmas.


Now if I can just find a box big enough to pack them both?


15 thoughts on “A Patchwork Quilt for Baby Sam

  1. Oma this is most Beautiful, and oh how I love it….. and its something that will last and last through the years as it will become a throw…. Love Elephants….. Quilting I only did at school as we did our samplers….. xxx

    • You’re right – a throw. What a lovely idea and I never thought of it. I read on someone’s blog on here about how when they felt ill or sad they always turned to the quilt that their granny made for them when they were little and that inspired me to do it. Of course now I can’t remember whose blog it was, d’oh!

    • I have so many cuddly toys and I can’t bear to part with them. They are all so special and mean different things to me. Whilst I was making the quilt (and it took months), I kept imagining Sam lying in his cot and trying to make sense of the shapes and colours in his quilt.

  2. it is beautiful…
    and he will wear it thin and you will have to keep mending
    I know..I do my grandchildrens LOLs they have had theirs many years….
    as do my own kids..
    he will love Oma….because it is from you…
    Take Care You Matter…

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