Baby Sam update – 4 months old (nearly)

Sam at 3 months - 2

Just look at my newest grandson…. hasn’t he grown? This is my latest picture of him, which I’m proud to show you. He’s got such a winning smile and he’s a real little ‘buster’ isn’t he? – so different to Dylan, my eldest grandson, who is nearly three. Sam’s weaning at the moment and as you can see from the picture, he’s enjoying his food very much! He’s got his parents well trained!! and likes to be carried around all the time to enjoy different views of the house and garden whenever he feels like it.


Here in the cottage we’ve all got colds and feel miserable. It doesn’t seem fair after all the hard work we’ve been doing lately, but there it is, we’re sick; sneezing and coughing and groaning, day and night.

In between the bouts of fever and sneezing, I’ve been unpacking the last box today. In it were all my scrapbooks from America and all the ‘stuff’ that goes with it. I’ve been putting off that box because I knew it would be nigh on impossible to find room here for all of it and I didn’t want to start chucking things out. I unpacked the box and got rid of the rubbish and then repacked it for another day. I will get to it, I will, I will, I will.

Millie is so pleased to be with her ‘daddy’ again and takes advantage of a cuddle whenever she can…


So I’m back to my sniffing and snuffling, hoping to be feeling a bit better tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Baby Sam update – 4 months old (nearly)

  1. What a beautiful child he is! Looks full of mischief, too. And the picture of your sleeping duo is priceless! Hope you are all feeling better soon, Star. 🙂

  2. What a cute little bub. That impish look in his eyes bodes trouble… 😉

    Hope for a speedy recovery, and that you find a space for your crafty stuff. I sneak things in everywhere, roller boxes under the sofa might be next…

    • Yes, I agree with your comment about the impish look in Sam’s eyes, Pia! He has lots of Irish in his background so perhaps he’ll turn out to be a little leprechaun!
      I’m struggling with all my hobby stuff, but determined to find places for it all somewhere…

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