Packing Crates galore!


This was the scene a couple of weeks ago when the lorry arrived with all our stuff from America on it! There were two crates; you can see the first one opened and the second one is to its left. Larry is going to supervise the operation.

There were various items of furniture plus about fifty boxes of varying sizes to unpack. I have been very busy going through it all and am now down to two boxes, which I hope to tackle tomorrow. When it all first arrived we had a hard time finding room for the boxes. They were everywhere. ย Larry had done a great job of packing everything and nothing has broken. One or two knocks on the furniture told the story it its travels across 4,500 mile of land and ocean. Not one glass or piece of china was broken. Remarkable really.

All the boxes were numbered and packed with labels, e.g. U.K or North Carolina because a lot of our stuff went straight to L’s kids. They have gotten their inheritance early!


6 thoughts on “Packing Crates galore!

    • Ha ha, no, not really and it wasn’t all shoes in there either. However, living in two places at once for six years has added to my collection of shoes and I must now do some rationalization – or buy a bigger cottage!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. When I read this again on the phone, I didnt see the pictures, so now I know what you meant by ‘Galore!’.. Hope you are more ship-shape now Oma, and everything is more or less in its place or soon will be… if not stored in the shed!

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