Sunday is gardening day!


After a slow start, the beans have come on in leaps and bounds and we have already had three meals for three people from them.


Good results down on the allotment too, as you can see from these pictures, taken at Stockwood Park:








Yes, it’s been a very good summer. Now the fields are golden and the farmers have been busy, bringing in the crops and already there is a slight hint of Autumn in the air.

11 thoughts on “Sunday is gardening day!

  1. Oma, your a woman after my own heart.. and they say πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ the way to a man’s is through his stomach Lol :-D… So glad your runner beans are doing well, Ours has been a bumper harvest as we have given away, and frozen Pounds upon Pounds, in fact we have both been busy in the kitchen today, Hubby doing the beans, and me baking, and cleaning the soaked Blackberries for freezing,
    I think Nature is telling us something again Oma, as we look up and see the trees laden with berries also, So look out for another long and hard winter, I feel it in my bones as they say..

    Loved the photos and its good to have time today to catch up. xox
    Hugs Sue xox

    • We really thought we’d have no beans this year at one point because something ate them before they came through the soil the first time. ~The gardener planted another lot and with a lot of cajoling and fuss, he got them up the poles!

  2. My neighbor is helping me transplant some of her strawberry plants into my plot, so next year I will have strawberries! What a lovely garden, and our sugar snap peas are now a distant memory. πŸ™‚

    • We’re doing the same with the strawberries, i.e. planting up runners. It will be good to compare notes next year. Traditionally, June is strawberry month here, but everything was late this year.

  3. what a wonderful garden!
    I needed to end my day with something peace-filled…
    your photos are just that…
    Thank you for sharing!
    Take Care…

  4. Catching up with you — such beautiful beans and the veggies in the allotment are impressive. I hope Dylan is adjusting to nursery school and that the croup is gone. It sounds like Larry is adjusting well to life over there–I really enjoy his observations!

    • Yes Vicki, Dylan has been to Nursery 3 times now, just for a couple of hours each time with his mum, then dad, then dad again. He’s getting used to it slowly. I liken it to our first day at work! Must be terrifying when you’re only two years old!

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