It’s never too hot to knit or crochet!


Well, maybe it’s a little warm…? just a tad? Anyway, a knitter has to knit and a crocheter has to crochet and a spinner has to spin and a scrapbooker has to… you get the message. I do all of that so I’m always busy. Plus I love to cook and sew and read. I just worry that I won’t have enough time left on this earth to finish all the things I want to do. Anyone else feel like that?

Recently I became a grandma (Oma) again, to little Sam. Here is his picture again. I didn’t think you’d mind seeing it again while I wait for some new ones! As I look into his dear little face, I realise that I won’t be here for all of his growing up. I may make it till he’s 20 or so, if I’m lucky. That’s a sobering thought and while I’m on the subject, I won’t get to see the new King or Queen, to be born today, get on the throne either. All of which is why I must make the most of every minute of every day. That does’nt mean running around like a (fill in your own simile here), but it does mean getting into perspective those things which really don’t matter all that much. I must treasure every day and each visit from my beloved sons and their families because none of us knows how many more days we have. When we are young, we don’t think about those things too much, but as we get older, they fill our thoughts more.

Sam in bath 09-06-2013

So let me sit back and crochet my blanket, ready for the cold, winter winds…


Let me enjoy my roses in this delightful cottage garden.


But most of all, let me give thanks for my family and friends, near and far and that means YOU!

ps: Everything went very well this week, with the arrival of my husband in England. I know you are looking forward to hearing how he is getting on, but my feet haven’t touched the floor with so much to do and arrange, so ย I will come back to that in a future post. Suffice to say that he says ‘It’s like being three years old again! ย Everything here is different!’


17 thoughts on “It’s never too hot to knit or crochet!

  1. Sam is beautiful, so beautiful.
    I think as we get older the things that once seemed hugely important fall into their rightful place on the list of priorities and we don’t even realise it happens.

    • Yes Valerie, that is so true. I saw Sam yesterday and even after a few weeks, he has changed a lot. I took a couple of photos, which I will post in due course.

  2. Little Sam is beautiful and I so agree we need to make the most of our time. So lovely to see you Oma with your lovely Roses. Making the most of our Summer and of our time. Like you these last few weeks have flown as I too have been extra busy. When we get to our time of life we see how fast the years have gone. So it makes us treasure our moments all the more.
    Enjoy your new beginnings together Oma with your hubby. And forever be the 3 year olds ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love Sue X

  3. I am so glad to hear all went as planned with the arrival of hubby. And I do feel those thoughts now and then, about getting older and not being around for many more decades… but then I give thanks for what time I DO have here and move on. I’m grateful for YOU, too, Star. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So sweet D-Jan. Thank you. The feelings are reciprocated. Like you, I have become very fond of my bloggy friends. I need my daily fix of blogs to make my life complete. I am a bit behind at the moment because of Larry and all the extra bits and pieces we had to do, but I will catch up soon.

  4. What a blessing .. that little Sam .. he’s a real cutie! I’ll be anxious to read how hubby settles in. Beautiful crochet work .. love the color combination. Yes, it’s hot! We’re supposed to cool by 10 degrees today .. but I’m not going to wish away summer since our winters are so long. My hubby bought me a outdoor cook station to keep the heat out of the kitchen when canning .. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The outdoor cook station sounds like a good idea in this hot weather Mrs. Mac. Larry can’t wait to buy a barbecue for the cottage garden here, but I’ve told him it rains a lot and we don’t get to barbecue too often. I don’t want him to be disappointed. However, at the moment it is all sunshine. Perhaps my glasses have pink tints at the moment!!!

  5. OH my! Your knitting (I crochet, or I used to crochet! ๐Ÿ™‚ is beautiful, your new little grandson is beautiful and your roses are beautiful! I have to tell you though..I would fight you for that cute t shirt you have on in the picture. I find stripped ones..but looking for floral..and none are as pretty as yours.

  6. yes we have to have our hands wrapped with thread or in the dirt !
    I need to finish the name on this baby quilt…but I am writing a trilogy in poetry
    Sam is adorable!..a sweet look of innocence….and what gorgeous roses…..!
    I am sure you have unfurled wings as you are flying high on life …I know y’all are having
    a wonderful time….
    Have a Wonderful Sunday….
    Take Care…

    • maryrose, yes, the word is ‘happy’ here right now. The days are really flying by as we get all the necessaries done. I shall be posting on it soon. I know everyone is looking forward to hearing how he is doing!

    • Thank you Vicki. Life is indeed very good. Long may it last. These golden years are so precious, just like my roses and we have to enjoy every minute, don’t we.

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