A Momentous Day


Today is a momentous day and no, not because I had raspberry meringue for my lunch! The Duchess of Cambridge is in labour and almost ready to produce a new King or Queen, who will be third in line to the throne, whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Naturally I am thrilled about this. It is exciting stuff. I love that we have a Royal Family even though they are expensive. Without them our country would not be what it is. Tourists love them and come from far and wide to see the Queen or anyone else they can get a glimpse of.

So I’m writing this in the afternoon. I have no idea yet what sex the baby will be. I hope he/she will be born healthy. Perhaps it will be a new Sun King? Today is the hottest day of the year so far, nearly 30 degrees and still rising and tonight is a full moon. Surely that is good news for a baby.  No doubt the astrologers will be working on charts as soon as baby is born and of course there is much speculation about names.

Personally I favour Victoria if it’s a girl and Philip if it’s a boy. What do you think?

Gingerbread mum and baby

8 thoughts on “A Momentous Day

    • Hello Sue, that dessert is easy to prepare and delicious to eat. The news was wall to wall yesterday, wasn’t it. I do hope we get to see the baby today. I’m pleased it was a boy and now I am longing to know which name they choose. Thank you for all your other comments on older posts.

  1. your dessert looks scumptious!
    I haven’t had the TV on, well its on but my Zoro(parrot) likes to listen …
    I have been writing…I hope its a girl…but mostly that they both have a long and healthy life!
    Take Care…)0(

    • It’s wonderful to have such good news. Often the TV is full of bad news and makes for depressing watching, but yesterday’s news was delightful. Can’t wait to see the little chap.

    • I would love it to be Edward too, since I have an Edward of my own. When choosing our sons’ names, we chose Robert (Scottish) for Robert the Bruce, Edward (English), always a kingly name and David (Welsh) and also for King David of Biblical connections. We never got round to number 4. If we had, it would probably have been an Irish name. We gave them all a middle name, just in case they didn’t like their first names. Where does your name come from?

    • Thank you Mrs. Mac. It’s going to be a celebratory day in London with a gun salute from the Tower of London and the bells of Westminster Abbey will ring for three hours this afternoon. It’s just marvellous here at the moment. We are beating the Aussies at cricket and we just won the Tour de France cycle race. We’re on a roll. Not bad for such a tiny country, huh?

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