My English cottage garden – Dylan’s first strawberry!


Yesterday, my grandson Dylan, aged 2 1/2, picked his first strawberry at Oma’s.  The gardener and I have been watching that strawberry to make sure that the birds didn’t get it and we succeeded – only just. The strawberry plant hid the strawberry under one of its leaves, which also helped. Dylan picked the strawberry, washed it and ate it all up. He said it was yummy!

‘Any soil that is warm, firm and will work into a fine tilth is suitable for growing strawberries.  The position selected needs to be sheltered so that late spring frosts do no harm to the flowers.  Varieties can be selected to suit the particular soil and so make a good crop more certain.  For heavy soils choose Sir Joseph Paxton, while on a light soil grow Royal Sovereign.  Where the soil is peaty, Jucunda will do best.

The best method of propagation is by layering runners early in July.  Vigorous runners with compact centres should be selected, but do not allow a plant to retain more than four runners at the most.  It is best to peg down runners in small 3-in. pots rather than direct into the ground, using wire pins or wooden layering pegs.  Place a small piece of turf over the drainage hole in the pot and fill up with a mixture of loam and leaf soil, to avoid drying out of soil or upsetting.  It is important to keep the soil moist.’

Then, when the work is done, put your feet up and have a rest!


Taken from’Practical Gardening and Food Production by Richard Sudell F.I.L.A.,F.R.H.S.

Are you growing strawberries this year? If so, how are you getting on?  Ours are about one month late owing to the bad weather.


8 thoughts on “My English cottage garden – Dylan’s first strawberry!

  1. My strawberries are newly replanted, they’re catching on now, but hardly any berries. And the ones they did produce got picked green and scattered by some pesky crow! (caught in action). So I’m putting my hopes on next year, I particularly saved these plants because they have much better berries than the modern varieties.

  2. I just have a few plants in a strawberry pot, two berries have just ripened here as well! Must get on top of the runners this year, and pot them up. I do love strawberries!

  3. Some of my gardening friends are growing strawberries, and once in awhile I’ll sneak one. Love those pictures of Dylan. How can he already be 2 1/2? 🙂

  4. I picked strawberries for a commercial grower one summer back in the 1970s. It was miserable work, crouched over the row. When I got home in the afternoon (you couldn’t pick in the afternoon – the berries were too soft), I could close my eyes and see strawberries. It took me YEARS to enjoy strawberries again.

  5. Hello Oma
    I don’t think anything can be better than the look of amazement when a ‘little one’ sees something for the first time. Under your supervision You’ll make a gardener out of him I’m sure 🙂

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