Andy Murray wins the Wimbledon cup!

Andy Murray

Yesterday I was talking about the Sun King and soon after I wrote the post I watched the Wimbledon men’s tennis final. Andy Murray from Dunblane in Scotland, won; beating Djokovic in a three set game of great excitement (and torture). To those of us watching, the last ten minutes were excruciatingly difficult to see as Novak Djokovic rallied to almost stretch the match to further games. Oh my God, it was nail-biting time.

Afterwards it occurred to me that Andy Murray was indeed a Sun King. He played the game on the hottest day of the year so far in England and won a cup of dazzling splendour. He was ‘King for the Day’ since it is the first time in 77 years that a Brit. has won the men’s final at Wimbledon.

So, well done Murray! The tears flowed. I postponed my tea till the game was ended because it was just too exciting to eat!

Well done again, I say – you are  Sun King extraordinaire.

Andy Murray went to Dunblane Primary School in Scotland and was a pupil there at the time of the massacre when sixteen children and one teacher were shot and killed by 43 year old Thomas Hamilton. At last Dunblane has something to celebrate. They were so proud of Andy Murray’s achievement last night, that there was dancing in the street.

Did you see the game?


4 thoughts on “Andy Murray wins the Wimbledon cup!

    • Aaah thank you D-Jan. We were all ‘having kittens’ here, I can tell you and the pressure on Murray was too much, to be honest. For such a small country, we have far too much national pride and this win meant so much to us all, in every corner of the Kingdom.

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