Baby Sam update

Sam in bath 09-06-2013

Baby Sam is my second grandson. He was born on May 27th 2013 to the delight of all his family and especially me. Here he is having one of his first baths. Isn’t he cute.

On Friday he visited the cottage with his parents for the first time – quite an occasion and one of many to come. So far he has been asleep most of the times I have seen him. He does seem to be a very contented baby. I’m thinking he might have auburn, curly hair like his Dad.

Needless to say his mum and dad are very proud of him. Here is Dad having a cat-nap with his new son:

David and Sam June 2013 1

Isn’t that adorable? My heart swells with pride when I see my lovely family growing and thriving.

Now please read the Stop Press notice on the right-hand side. The news I receive tomorrow is going to change my life…

10 thoughts on “Baby Sam update

  1. Well, of course you are pleased with that beautiful child. He’s adorable, and I’m wishing that everything happens as you hope with the visa! Fingers crossed… 🙂

    • Thank you D-Jan. There always seems enough love to go round. No matter how many children or grandchildren, there is always enough love. Isn’t that amazing…

  2. How absolutely adorable these pictures are! No wonder your heart is swelling with pride 😀

    I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for your hubby’s visa – best of luck! 😉

    • I’m the same Valerie. It’s just so miraculous every time when a newborn comes into the world. Whether it’s human or animal, it’s always a source of wonder.

  3. Oma he is adorable.. nothing like Grandchildren is there!.. and your family is now growing! in more ways than one.. Loved the Stop Press News.. as I catch up backwards LOL 🙂

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