My English Garden in June – A Riot of Summer Colour


We got off to a very slow start this summer. Everything is late and here at the cottage there has been some replanting. The gardener has had to replant his runner bean seeds because first they didn’t germinate properly – owing to the cold Spring and then when they did, something ate them under the ground. Β Every morning we went out to look, but nothing! Finally we gave up and planted some new seeds. As I speak on 18th June the little plants are about 3 inches up.

My Morning Glory seeds germinated and then got water-logged and cold and died so I had to buy another packet of seeds and replant them. They have just germinated – watch this space.

However! despite all that the garden is a riot of colour as you can see here. Come take a look…

The poppies, daisies and acquilegias are all in full bloom.

Here and there some lichnis growing fast (that’s the grey foliage in the bottom left hand corner of next picture).






The bees are happy and that’s the main thing! Β Happy gardening peeps.

How have you found the weather has affected your garden (if you have one) so far this year?

14 thoughts on “My English Garden in June – A Riot of Summer Colour

  1. Everything is late here as well. My basil is looking very measly even though it’s in the greenhouse, tomato plants are finally growing but only beginning to flower, cucumbers are getting there. No strawberries yet. Weeds and grass seem unaffected by the cold weather….. πŸ˜‰

    Day temps are getting more normal now, but it’s still pretty cold at night. My plants for dyeing are alive and well, but very small plants, a long way from flowering. Even lettuce is growing slowly.

    • Our strawberries are still just flowers too. Oh my, hope they catch up soon and yes the weather hasn’t affected the weeds and grasses one little bit. After all the rain last year, my flowers are half the height of last year but at least I have flowers.

  2. Oh what a riot of colour.. Beautiful… love how you have captured those pictures Oma.. and yes the cold late spring put things back a little but they are catching up very fast now..
    I hadnt been to the allotments for 5 days as work duties left me with little time, So when Hubby said you will be surprised at the spurt of growth I was amazed to see how things had flourished in such a short space of time..
    I took pictures now just need time to upload them.. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden..
    Enjoy your Summer time.. πŸ™‚

    • I was wondering what, if anything, would survive after the winter we’ve had here! but most things have survived. I’m glad your allotment is doing so well and yes it really does show the growth quickly once the sun comes out, doesn’t it. Looking forward to seeing your pictures soon πŸ™‚

  3. My garden has not been affected by the weather except in a positive way. So far. We are due to have some rain coming in for the next couple of days, it should make the garden happy after a week of sunshine πŸ™‚

    • Yes we do need both. Today is very hot and humid here and we may have a thunderstorm later. In a way I hope we do because my flowers and veggies need some water. Do you really eat kale raw?

    • Just re-looking at your garden here Oma and the rhubarb.. I had some of ours for the first time this weekend and it was lovely there wasnt alot to be had first year .. So I made Rhubarb and Apple crumble and was naughty and instead of custard had double cream with it instead! naughty -But- Nice! πŸ™‚

      • I like it with double cream too Sue. When I make it, I add apple and golden syrup to the rhubarb after draining off some of the juice. That way it is nice and sweet and the cream doesn’t coagulate. How do you do yours?

      • I just stew the Rhubarb and apple with a little brown sugar to sweeten to taste and drain, then put in dish and cover with crumble, bake until golden brown and pour on the cream to serve.. πŸ™‚ Golden syrup I will have to try πŸ™‚

  4. Oh boy. I have just spent an hour trying to remember a plant in my ‘wild meadow patch’ – I knew the flower, just couldn’t remember its name. I found out by searching the net, and now I come on here and find loads of … columbine. Heehee I should have come here first. Anyway, I love all your pictures. It’s wonderful to see nature’s beauty in full flow.

    • Aah thank you Valerie. Yes the columbine is a lovely flower and the bees love it. I believe it is also called Granny’s Bonnet,which is also lovely don’t you think. Do you still have the foxes with you?

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