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Millie is settling in…


Millie has been ‘across the pond’ in England for two weeks now and is settling in very well. My English cat, Patch, was disgusted at first!!! and wouldn’t have anything to do with Millie, let alone me, but she has a forgiving nature ? and has slowly begun to come round. At first Millie wore a pretty collar so that if she got lost, the neighbours would know where to return her.  It had a barrel attached with my telephone number on it. I kept Millie indoors for nearly a week, but she is an outdoor cat so I let her out as soon as I could and she has been exploring her neighbourhood ever since.  Mostly I was worried that she would go looking for the flora and fauna of Tennessee. It’s only 4500 miles away! but so far she has taken it easy and gone a little further each day. To date she has always returned unscathed.

The collar is now off and she is quite pleased about that, but Patch isn’t because now she doesn’t know where Millie is.  They occasionally creep up on each other and when they get close, there is a fearful yowling but it’s mostly Patch that does the yowling and Millie, being the dominant cat, that does the creeping. So far no fights and I’m very pleased with the progress.

Patch says: ‘If that cat doesn’t leave me alone soon, I’m out of here!’