Hand-spun, ecru merino wool sweater – finished at last.


Well I did say I would post on the sweater I just finished, so here it is. Sorry I’m not smiling in the picture. I did smile but J took the picture before the smile materialised and beggars can’t be choosers!



Here is a reminder of where I was with it about 3 weeks ago. The weather has been so awful that I got a move on to finish it so I could wear it, despite the fact that we are nearly into June!


Originally I bought a kilo of the ecru merino wool and spun it up. I didn’t know if I’d have enough and I didn’t. I had to buy a little to finish the top of the sweater. Consequently I may dye the sweater at a later stage just to make sure the colour is consistent. On the other hand if I do that and mess it up, it will be worse than if I leave it be. Decisions, decisions.


So that project is finished. I enjoyed spinning the wool and knitting up the sweater and now I am free to start something new, which is always a good place to be. I can wear the sweater while I’m working on the next project or finishing two that I’ve already started, namely a lace-weight knitted shawl and a crocheted blanket for one of the beds. The blanket is almost finished and the shawl is about half way through.

More of those in a future post.



7 thoughts on “Hand-spun, ecru merino wool sweater – finished at last.

    • Yes! well today the sun came out and it was quite strong sunshine but then a cold wind blew. Living on a windy island, one always has to expect a little chill. My sweater (we call them jumpers as well) is quite heavy so I’m sure it will be warm. I noticed in America that a jumper is a dress? Isn’t it odd how the language gets changed as it crosses the ocean.

    • Thank you. I suppose now I’ve finished the sweater, the weather will change and we’ll get a heatwave. Originally I intended it for next winter but this winter has dragged on so long over here that I thought I might as well use it now too!

    • Thank you Loren. When you make something yourself, from start to finish, you certainly appreciate it more and take extra care of it! Of course I can’t claim all the credit. After all I didn’t grow the sheep or take the wool, wash it or card it or make it into roving so I guess I came in about half way through!

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